Hiring Driver now made easy


“…well, but I have a driver, and I can return calls while I am in the car”. How important this statement has become in today’s fast life! Time doesn’t seem to wait for anyone, and there is so much work one has to manage. ‘Work from home’ actually means ‘work from anywhere; so whether you have to drop your little one to school, pick them up from tennis class, attend a major family get-together, or get to the hospital to attend to a dear one, it simply doesn’t matter. If you have to attend a meeting or send updates at work, well, you have to do it!

Therefore, the best that you can do to help yourself is to get someone to drive you around while sitting back and making use of it all the time. When you are supposed to be fighting your way through the traffic, you can finish your calls and send the necessary updates. Sounds tempting. DriveU makes it absolutely hassle-free to give in to this temptation! Let me tell you how.

A touch of your finger is all it takes


Get, set, and download the DriveU app from the Play Store/App Store on your phone. Tell DriveU the location you want to be picked from and the preferred time; that’s all it takes to book yourself the comfort you deserve. You can track the arrival of your driver on the app. DriveU is the handy app, isn’t it, since you don’t have to wait in apprehension continuously calling the driver to find out his whereabouts? You track him while he is on his way.

Drivers verifiedbackground check of a full-time driver; definitely not when you already have so much on your plate! DriveU understands that and ensures that every driver hired into the system goes through a rigorous background check. These drivers for hire are also given a ‘Customer Experience Training’ for a superlative hiring experience.


Budget to suit your pocket.

Anything that goes easy on the pocket is highly desirable. DriveU’s low and fixed tariff leaves no room for being cheated or an argument at the end of the drive. Besides, the super-friendly app allows you to track the cost throughout the drive while you are working. Hence, there is no way you can be charged otherwise by the driver or the app itself. Everything is calculated all along and reflects on your phone at the end of your trip.

Now ask yourself, why hire a permanent driver and pay them a whopping salary when they spend so much time waiting outside your home/office to pick or drop you! Now, this is called a ‘Hand in Glove’ solution – a situation where allows the driver you tnage your monthly driver service cost and gives the driver the opportunity to work the whole day and earn more.!