Home Inspection Tips and Tricks


We don’t go for buying home every other day. It’s a lifetime investment, which involves a huge financial and emotional commitment. We look at the various aspects before making a final decision to buy a house. However, we forget one of the most vital steps, that is, hiring a qualified home inspector.

Most of us don’t realize that a home inspection can make or break a deal. The home inspection is a ground to roof visual inspection of the home. The inspection reveals every detail about the home’s condition, like hidden structural issues, or the damaged systems. This assessment helps in making a knowledgeable decision about the purchase price of the home for sale.

It’s easy to make a home look good on the surface. Thus, the hidden drawbacks and potential issues of the home can only be exposed by a qualified and trained home inspector. Here we have listed some home inspection tips to be followed prior to buying a home.

  • Hire an experienced home inspector

It is important to hire a professional full-time home inspector. For this, you need to do some homework. The best home inspector has experience in the business. Find an inspector with a minimum of thousand home inspections experience. Also, a person with a residential construction background will give you a better assessment of the home. The ideal home inspector possesses knowledge about the construction of homes. This is because a knowledgeable inspector will check every detail, like knobs and tube wiring, lead or galvanized steel piping, vermiculite, and more. These things may cause problems in the long-run. The galvanized steel piping can rust and reduce water pressure, while lead water supply piping tends to deteriorate with time.

  • Find a licensed home inspector

Ensure you hire a state certified home inspector. Find a home inspector who is a member of any regional or national home inspectors association. This is because to become a member of these associations, one needs to fulfill certain criteria as well as pass a written examination.

  • A complete home inspection

A complete home inspection includes all the physical structures, like the garage floor, roofing, etc. as well as, all interior structures, like the condition of the flooring, walls, doors, and windows. It will also include major systems, such as the water systems and quality of electrical lines in the home as well as the gas service. Thus, a home inspection will include an assessment of the entire structure, plumbing, electrical lines, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

  • Clear all your doubts

Although, it’s not obligatory to be present for the inspection, it’s a wise idea. Before you hire a home inspector, make sure that he has no issue if you attend the inspection. Remember, it’s your right to walk around the house with the home inspector. Finally, once you get the report, read it carefully. In case you don’t understand any point, contact the inspector.

One should never skip home inspection because an experienced home inspector can help you make a wise decision and save your hundreds of thousands of dollars from unexpected repairs.