How can a Compounding Pharmacy Benefit You? 


Some diseases and allergies react differently on different people; therefore, the same medication may not show the desired results. This is when a compounding pharmacist can help you solve such problems. When a patient cannot rely on commercially available drug, a licenced pharmacist can recreate a medicine that suits them via compounding by achieving correct formation, dosage, color, strength and even flavor.

A compounding pharmacy works to fulfil special requirements to cure a patient and these may include-

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  • If someone requires medicine that is discontinued commercially.
  • Doses of medication that are commercially unavailable.
  • If someone requires hypo-allergenic versions of their medication.
  • If someone needs an alternate prescription form of certain medication; maybe in the form of pills, drops, powders, liquids, troches, and ointments.
  • If someone needs added flavors to make their prescription more palatable.

Earlier, most of the pharmacists prepared compounded medication, but drug companies began to mass-produce drugs in a standard form and commercial doses. This made it difficult for some people to find pharmacists who could custom formulate dosages for them. Taking the situation into account, many pharmacists have considered helping people by custom compounding, which has proved to be highly effective. Here are some benefits of the compounding pharmacy that can help many patients to lead a healthier life-

1) Provide access to discontinued medications in an improved form-

When various manufacturers and pharmacists cut the production of specific drugs, they make it hard for the patients to reach out and find these medicines to fulfil their prescription. Pharmacists that custom compound can provide access to these discontinued medications by recreating the drugs with pharmaceutical-based ingredients to ensure that patients get the necessary treatment for them to be cured.

Many compounding pharmacies have researched and tested various pharmaceutical-based ingredients with quality control process, and techniques to produce high-quality medicines to meet the prescriptions.

2) Creating medication for easier use-

Some medications have an unpleasant taste, making it hard for the patients to swallow as directed. A compounding pharmacy with a licenced pharmacist can customize these medicines from the scrap to change the flavours and colors according to the patient’s choice. This usually happens in the case of young children, elderly patients and pets. Having a custom compounding available in a pharmacy can make it easy to access, use and rely on medicines.

3) Allowing alternative dosage forms-

Some people may find it difficult to swallow a pill while others can discover taking an injection challenging. Therefore, patients may need their dosages in a different form from time to time; this is when a compounding pharmacist comes to the rescue. He or she can change the dosage form from a pill to the pleasantly flavored liquid form. Medications can be altered in topical forms like gel or a cream that will allow the medicine to be absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream.

4) Making allergy-friendly medicines-

Taking prescribed medicines can come with certain side-effects and allergies due to dyes, lactose, gluten or alcohol that can cause unwanted reactions. Commercial medications may involve preservatives that cannot be tolerated by sensitive patients. Therefore, asking a compounding pharmacy to recreate the medicines by substituting it with other ingredients can help you.