How to Avoid a Turf War, and 5 Other Things Your Surveyor Wishes You Knew


Property surveyors’ knowledge and information of the real estate world can be handy to you if you’re buying a new home or trying to end a dispute with a neighbour or building a guesthouse without encroaching on the lot next door. It is recommended that a surveyor be consulted on real estate related issues! But do you know what exactly you can get out of

  1. They can be of great help- you just need to know how-

Property surveyors do not just work on remodelling but can be consulted for a number of situations.

  • Buying a home- A survey is generally not required for a new construction, but you might want to conduct one to ensure the borders are as described and there are no potential encroachments if mandated by your mortgage lender.
  • In case of a neighbourly dispute- You would want to hire a surveyor if you find yourself in an argument with a neighbour over a fence which is totally in your property! The surveyor can help determine the facts and his finding s will have a legal holding in court and will determine what and where you can freely build to comply with setback requirements.
  • You want to add to your home- If you want to add an in-la unit or storage shed your property, it is highly recommended to get your property surveyed. If the setback requirements are breached you could fall into big trouble with a lawsuit or costly fines.
  1. Surveyors are accountable to a higher authority-
    The documents they produce are public property and preserved at the country recorder’s office. A surveyor’ work is dictated by historical data, existing markers and a lot of math goes into it. So you can be sure that they take their job very seriously.
  2. The work is worth the price
    Surveyors often have to spend a lot of time on hunting down markers and landmarks that help determine the edges of a property. Sometimes these may be hidden and have to be dug up. A lot of effort goes in to manage the legal and historical implication of their work. A property survey can cost you anything between $200 to around $1000 and a good surveyor will always keep you updated about the additional costs before the work commences.
  3. Your GPS isn’t good enough
    While planning an addition, you might think of drawing the boundary via your phone’s GPS, but it is known that consumer level GPS units are accurate to 15-20 feet only and you would not be able to get precise measurements. This may cause you some huge and expensive trouble. The professional grade GPS systems used by surveyors cost thousands of dollars and accurate within a centimetre.
  4. Referrals can help you find the best surveyors

It has been told by surveyors themselves, that internet may not be the best way to find them, and rather people should rely on word of mouth. Your agent or attorney could recommend surveyors and it is advisable to ge three different quotes before settling on one.

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