How to Change a Broken BlackBerry Screen


I did a big seek throughout, trying to find a way to trade a BlackBerry display screen without ruining the BlackBerry device itself. Yes, my BlackBerry 8330 fell from my table, hit the wheel of my chair, and cracked the display screen! Nothing like a “crackberry!” I changed into ticked… Anyhow…I could not locate any appropriate commands, so I notion I’d put up what I determined to paintings due to the fact.

 Broken ScreenI discovered a way to repair it without one single scratch at the out of doors of my BlackBerry. Yea! But do not blame me if you scratch yours…I take no duty for it. Just take some time whilst you do it.:) If you dropped your BlackBerry and cracked the display screen, do not worry, you may restore it. A broken BlackBerry display can be constant through you! First of all, you want to locate the BlackBerry screen which suits your device. Cellular Nationwide Network gave me mine. You can Google it. Make certain your BlackBerry model is used for the quest on this website!

I ordered my components on Thursday, April, 22th and I received them on Wednesday, April 28. Not terrible; the components even got here from China too! I paid around $6 for the brand new BlackBerry display, and I bought a fab blue trackball and blue chrome doors ring for around $five. Shipping and Handling turned into a flat $5. So for $17, that turned into the best for me. When I acquired the shipment, the elements were safe in a small thick container that was included via an envelope with bubble wrap. All the contents were safe within the field and arrived as ordered. I was stoked about how quickly the order came! The display screen had protective tape on each side. Hence, it became ideal, plus the double-sided tape that precisely matches the out of doors of display to comfort down the brand new BlackBerry display was blanketed! I couldn’t consider it; the display screen even had the BlackBerry brand on it! SWEET! OK, here are the “How to alternate a damaged BlackBerry display” commands. Hardware and vital gadgets:

 BlackBerry Screen

1. Small flathead screwdriver – the sincerely small ones. The one I used changed into approximately 1/sixteen” extensive, however lengthy sufficient to in shape on your hand simply.

2. A sharp Xacto knife that has a pointed quit.

3. A 3″ x three” piece of paper reduce into 5 equal pieces, and everyone is folded in half.

4. The double-sided adhesive tape comes with the new BlackBerry display screen. Be cautious with this because you’ll need to remove all the pre-cut holes, and the perimeters are very skinny…You do not want to rip it.

5. Can of AIR. You don’t need any dust interior before setting on the brand new display.

6. A very soft cotton fabric (NO PAPER PRODUCT! It’ll scratch it!) to not scratch the surface of the BlackBerry screen or the BlackBerry LCD screen. You’ll use this to ensure no nasty fingerprints on the display screen or by accident at the LCD screen before putting on the brand new display screen.

Ok, now you’re prepared to eliminate and replace the damaged or cracked BlackBerry display.

1. The trick to getting rid of it without definitely screwing up the quality edges around the display is breaking off the silver piece at the pinnacle of the screen. Use the screwdriver towards the terrible display screen to very carefully spoil off the silver piece. I caught the screwdriver in the ear slot about half a millimeter and twisted and broke the silver piece off.
2. Get the folded piece of paper. That goes to shield the outside edges of your BlackBerry whilst using the screwdriver to pry up the display.

A. I edged the folded piece of paper under the display screen, wherein the silver piece changed into and used the tip of the screwdriver to pry up the threshold of the display screen through twisting the screwdriver. Don’t push down at the screwdriver to lift the screen; it will spoil your BlackBerry’s edges next to the display screen.

B. Then I slid the piece of paper over to both aspects, which became gifting away the very best in conjunction with the screwdriver and twisted again. I observed that pattern cautiously till the top was loosened from the stickiness of the producer.

C. Then paintings down the sides…You could use other pieces of paper to keep up the display so the paintings you have got executed would not be redone again. By the time you get the perimeters loosened, the region across the keys and trackball will not be touched…It ought to raise right up. At this factor, your display screen must be off!’

3. It’s time to make sure the brand new BlackBerry display screen fits, so take off the clear plastic protectors from each facet of the new display and make sure there is no debris where the new screen will move. Shoot it with a few airs – Don’t blow on it; you may probably spit at the LCD screen. Some of you will do that. Oh, well, your desire.

4. Once you know it suits, it’s time to put the double-sided tape onto the BlackBerry first…Do NOT put the tape on the BlackBerry display screen. It is tedious to ensure it is positioned efficaciously with all of the reduce-outs in line with the unit, and the tape isn’t always on the LCD. Once it is down, it’s no longer cozy; you can flow it barely, and once it’s in the right location…Use a Xacto knife or the edge of the screwdriver to ensure the tape is firmly pressed at the BlackBerry.

5. Now comes any other complex element…Putting the BlackBerry Screen on.


A. Make sure the LCD and the BlackBerry are freed from fingerprints and dust! Use good lights and perspective the portions to look if there are any to be eliminated. If there are fingerprints, I used warm, moist air by commencing my mouth and respiration on it, then using the tender material to get rid of it. Then I used the Air to blow off any dirt debris. Recheck the BlackBerry screen and recheck the LCD while finished. Fingerprint and Dust Free.

B. If it is “Good-to-Go,” then take away the adhesive protecting at the double-sided tape, which is already in the area. This was difficult for me…I had to use the Xacto knife to lift off the adhesive covering. The tape is fragile so that you’ll need to make certain and get all of the paper. It’ll come off, and you may be left with seeing the clean adhesive to the area the screen onto.

C. Now cautiously region the BlackBerry Screen onto the adhesive. I began at the left aspect with the aid of lining up the screen with the unit’s threshold, eye-ing in which the display screen sits close to the keys and pinnacle of the BlackBerry. All at the same time as being careful not to get fingerprints under the display screen.

6. Well, you have to complete changing your broken BlackBerry Screen without scratching up or ruining your phone, and it must be as precise as new!