How to Choose a Suitable Travel Adapter


Nothing is as disappointing as leaving the adapter of your electronic gadgets and appliances back home while traveling. Whether it is a short journey or a long one, you ought to have the right adapter to keep your phone and laptop fully active throughout.

If you are more of a domestic traveler, you may not need to invest in one. Still, when traveling to an international destination, an appropriate adapter will fulfill all your varying power needs as per the country you are traveling to.

It is important to note that not all travel adapters are the same. One adapter would be sufficient for charging a smartphone, whereas for charging multiple electronic devices, a universal adapter would be a better choice.

 Travel AdapterRemember the following things while you shop for a travel adapter for your journey –

Right Shape

Adapter plugs vary in terms of shape (layout of prongs) around the world. With more than 10 different types of plugs used globally, you should know the kind of socket specific to the country you are traveling to and whether or not it will fit in there.

For instance, in the USA, the plugs usually have two vertical prongs or single rounded prongs, whereas, in Europe, you will find two rounded prongs. In countries like the UK and Singapore, you will commonly find two flat prongs laid horizontally or one vertical prong in a square shape.

Considering this, you have to carefully do a little research before you head out to buy an adapter and get a perfect option to protect your device from any harm.

Desirable Voltage Range

Every country has different standards for electricity delivery, and sudden changes in voltage can result in severe damage if your gadget isn’t capable of handling that change. Most portable electronics have a small sticker on them that mentions the range of voltage in which they perform perfectly.

If you are traveling to a country where the voltage levels are the same as your country, then a plug adapter can be used right away. However, in the countries where your device will get only a little voltage, you would also need a voltage adapter.

The chargers today are built to accommodate a range of voltages but not checking it before plugging in can either cause poor performance of the device or fry it completely.

Shop as per Requirements

There is an array of adapters in the market – some may only compensate for the shape of the socket, while others come with voltage adjustment features as well. So, by evaluating your purpose, you can figure out the kind of adapter you would need.

Another factor you should consider is the number of electronic devices you are taking along on your journey. Is it just your smartphone or laptops, tablets, and other devices as well? There are adapters with a single USB outlet, and other options come with an extension cord and multiple outlets.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to do some comparative shopping. Look at the reviews and ratings of various manufacturers, and then select an adapter that will fit your needs.