How to Get Quality Backlinks Through Content Marketing?


Backlinks can be defined as a narrow street between two webpages. It helps the search engines to analyze how the pages are interlinked with each other. To be honest, Link building is one of the primal forms of Search Engine Optimization or digital marketing. It is also one of the most effective forms of increasing traffic to your website.

Speaking historically, google actually listed several webpages based on their links when it actually started out as a search engine. Google found out the links, and that is how they also came to know which websites were good. For a search engine, a link is a recommendation, therefore websites with more links tend to be listed higher, than websites with no or some links. Google and other search engines has come a long way, and after hundreds of updates, today, they are largely ahead in the game.

Today, backlinks are not the only factor by which a website is listed in a search engine. Instead, today, there are a very few methods of backlinking which still come in to play. It is basically impossible to beg and borrow links, and the only way you can get them is when you earn them. But, obviously, everything has a way out, and therefore in this article we will list some of the smart ways on how you can make backlink work for your website.


Optimizing the Existing Links

Optimization is the key when it comes to digital marketing. It helps the search engine to determine the applicability of the web content. For example, if the links to your website is not working, it may hamper the SEO ranking of your website. Therefore, change or optimize the backlinks to your website, so that the potential customers get redirected to your website without any hassle.

Guest Blogging

This is another effective way to get backlinking to your website. Recently, google has put off many people because of guest posting. But, quality guest blogs and postings is still one of the best way to get quality backlinks. Make a habit of posting articles, blogs on high PR sites, which is clicked by users from all over the world. You may also guest blog in some of the blogging websites. This will help build your companies image. Be sure about the links that you provide at the end of each article. Posting regularly on a high PR site, will give google and other search engines what it needs, and therefore there is a great chance that your website will be rank higher. Moreover, google retains the preference of the users, and therefore, customers who read your article will retain your article, and therefore, there is a huge chance that it will be converted to a lead.

Moreover, by writing articles about your product, you are telling your potential customers a story which will encourage them to buy your product.

Social Sharing

Okay, truth be said, social media has the power to lift you to the top of the world. It also possesses the power to throw you down to earth. Social media is a very powerful tool, and is a weapon in the hands of digital marketers. Sharing the links to different products and services your company offers in your social media handle, can help you get an increased number of visitors to your website, especially if you post a powerful message with the link.

Get Listed on Directories

Though this is an age-old process of getting backlinks, this is still considered as one of the most effective ways of getting backlinks. But, today, the problem is that the popular directories have become farm for links. There are so many links to websites, it is really very tough for customers to crawl through this whole bunch of links. But, that doesn’t really mean that one shouldn’t post in reputable directories. In fact, for small business, it is essential that the get enlisted in some of the popular sites like craigslist or google places. When you submit your business in a directory like craigslist, make sure the name address and phone number you are giving, should be consistent.
Today, there are also some niche private directories, which lists your websites in exchange of money. To enhance your brand presence and to increase traffic, you may also enlist in these directories.

Quality backlinks help increase the traffic to your website, and also boost the ranking of your website. If you really want to win over your competitors, then backlinks are really important as a part of a successful SEO strategy. Therefore, it is really important that you give attention to it, rather than neglecting it.