How to improve your career prospects if you work in marketing


Lots of people aim to work in marketing. It’s a growing field that allows you to stretch your creative muscles in different industries, with plenty of opportunities for collaboration and innovation. This also makes it quite a competitive arena, so if you want to succeed, you must take the initiative! Here are some top tips for boosting your career prospects.

work in marketing

Take a master’s program.

Perhaps the best way to improve your job prospects is by formal study. A master’s qualification is the next logical step if you already have a bachelor’s degree. Many programs will help you in the marketing world, such as an online master’s in communication or multimedia. Be sure to choose a degree that focuses on the aspects of marketing that are most relevant to your passions and goals, and dedicate yourself 100% to your studies.

Set actionable goals

People often struggle to get ahead in their careers because they don’t have clear goals. Without an idea of what you’re aiming for, it’s hard to know what steps to take to get there. Take some time out and think deeply about where you want to be in one, three, and five years – then break those big goals down into more manageable mini-ones to get started.


It’s no secret that networking is crucial for gaining professional contacts and getting your name out there. Knowing the right people can open doors to new opportunities, give you extra confidence, and help you get valuable insider advice. If you’re lucky, one might even become a mentor to you. Make it a goal to attend at least two industry events monthly and speak to at least two new people each. You’ll soon have a great network of friends and contacts!

Boost your soft skills.

Leveling up your marketing knowledge and talent is key, but you should also focus on transferable skills. Please list the areas you’re weak in and work to improve them via short online modules, internet articles, videos, books, and other similar resources. These include abilities such as teamwork, leadership, time management, organization, critical thinking, and problem-solving – all of which help you become a more well-rounded and valuable employee at the top of the promotion list. Please m

Curate your online presence.

If you work in marketing, you already know your online image’s importance. With that in mind, what does yours say about you? Look at your social media platforms and personal websites (if you have one) with a critical eye, and ensure that they give potential employers the impression you want.

Polish your resume

A resume is often the first point of contact you’ll have with a company – and you certainly don’t want it to be the last! Even in today’s modern age, your resume is key. Go through yours and ensure that it looks professional, is completely up to date regarding your qualifications and work experience, and is free from grammar and spelling errors.