How to Maintain the Exhaust System of Your Vehicle


Every vehicle owner wants their truck or car to move smoothly and perform to its optimal level. In order for a vehicle to work to its maximum capacity, it is necessary to have great horsepower as well as a properly functioning engine. If you recently got a new exhaust system fixed and your engine tuned, you are on the right track. But, there is still more you can do to ensure that your car works properly.
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Ensuring that your car is properly maintained is obviously your responsibility. If you don’t maintain your car properly, you will end up spending a lot of money on repairing it and constantly installing new accessories. This article will cover a few maintenance tips that you can start using.


Bear in mind that rusting of vehicular parts starts from within before spreading to the outside. This occurs because of the build-up of condensed moisture in the exhaust tubes. This moisture comes from exhaust fumes that condense in the exhaust pipes when the car cools down. You will be able to find some suppliers that will provide you with a chemical that will absorb moisture from within the pipe and reduce rusting. In the case that the chemical absorbent becomes full, you can have it replaced.

Make sure you do not drive on top of pavements and paths so that your exhaust system does not collect too many dust particles that will eventually block the system. When going over bumps or speed breakers, drive slowly so that the exhaust tips do not get hit and become loose. This will result in the exhaust system tips hanging out of the car. You may then have to repair or replace the system. Further, the constant rubbing of the system will result in the formation of holes that will eventually lead to the loss of power in the vehicle.

When you’re driving, remain alert for any noises that your car may be making such as clattering or a muffled noise. Clattering will indicate that there is a hole in the exhaust system whereas a clogging of it will indicate that the muffler has accumulated too much soot over time. Both of these will drastically affect the vehicle’s performance.

If the muffle is clogged on the inside, you will need to replace it. However, fi it is only clogged on the outside then you can clean it using dry as well as wet cloths. Make sure you dry the parts off completely after. While your mufflers may not have their old shine, they will be restored to working properky.

Other parts of the exhaust system such as fasteners and hangers gradually loosen over time and need to be tightened by professionals. There are also other problem that may occur in your car that you may still be unaware of just by looking at it. To ensure your car is maintained properly always, make sure you go regularly to your mechanic to have it checked. They will make minor repairs where they can, tighten what loosens up over time, and may even advise you to replace some parts of the vehicle that cannot be repaired. If you are advised to replace some parts of your car, make sure you contact well-known, renowned companies that sell automobile parts.