Temporary fencing is a great way to add an exquisite look to any plain land or garden. Temporary fencing is a rental item which you can take as per your requirements from any temporary fencing provider. Temporary fencing is also the responsibility of party who rents the fence to maintain it.

The installation of the temporary fencing may seem easy and when it comes to maintenance, you might think that the fencing will not need any because they are ‘temporary’. Well, this is not the case. You will have to take certain steps to make sure that your temporary fencing is maintained properly and retains its look. If you are getting a temporary fencing installed for the first time, however, there are chances that you wouldn’t know anything about its maintenance. To help you maintain your temporary fence, we have given some useful tips below.


Before fencing, you need to make sure that the ground is prepared for it. During the spring and summer season, you are likely to see weeds growing up in the ground here and there. Once your fence is installed, pulling weeds out of the material becomes almost impossible. Not only do the weeds destroy your plants, they can also destroy your fences. So, it becomes important to get rid of all the weeds before installing your temporary fencing. The weeds can damage the fences to that level where it simply becomes better off dispose of the fence materials and charge the customer for damaged materials than vainly try to pull weeds out the fencing.

To prep the surface for fencing, the contractors should mow and spray around the fence while it is installed. This will also improve the visibility and will also make your ground look beautiful. To remove the weeds, all the fence material should be removed for access, so that all the unwanted plants are removed.


The contractors are always removing and relocating temporary fencing so be mindful to not let the materials walk off the site. It may seem that it would be convenient to move a couple panels to another site but it can be very costly too. Rental firms do track the quantities installed on your site and will bill you full retail price for any missing materials. So, be sure to take care of all the fencing.


Temporary fence panel stands are usually weighted down with sand bags. To ensure that your temporary fencing stands upright through days, make it a point to check on a daily basis that whether or not those sand bags and blocks are still firmly placed to hold down the stand. There can be situations where the sand bags will bust open and blocks will slide off. In such a situation, under even moderate winds, a weighted temporary fence panel installation will blow over like dominos. This will not only expose your site but it may also cause considerable damage to parked cars and passing pedestrians. In this manner, temporary fencing can also be risky. However, you can take precautionary measures to avoid such a situation from occurring altogether.


Do not bury any materials. Grading contractors will grade right up to and over temporary fencing. Temporary fencing is not made for burial. Even if you do bury the material, it will not be easy to pull out these materials out of the ground. The fabric will almost certainly need to be replaced as it does not stretch or spring back into place and will thus, damage the fencing.