HP Chromebook 13 Wins High Praise – for a Chromebook


hp-chromebook-13HP and Google last week unveiled the HP Chromebook thirteen.

Designed with built-input from customers on what they want built-in a next-generation Chromebook, the tool is ready 13 mm thick, weighs 2.eight kilos, has a brushed anodized alumbuilt-inum chassis, and is the first Chromebook to use Intel’s sixth-era middle M processors.

It has a USB C port, and HP gives a USB-C dockbuilt-ing station as an alternative at US$a hundred forty five.

The dockintegratedg station we could customers hook up the Chromebook 13 to twbuiltintegrated high-defintegratedition displays, complete-sized keyboards and stressed networks.

these are stable upgrades, however they don’t cope with the core problem — that the platform is built-into consideration to be crippled,” found Rob Enderle, built-in analyst on the Enderle built-institution.

“this is like takintegratedg a clever car, which is essentially seen as crippled, and wrappbuilt-ing it with gold to justify a better rate,” he builtintegrated TechNewsWorld.


The HP Chromebook thirteen can be to be had this month built-innbuiltintegrated at $500.

Tech specifications

The device comes with up to 16 GB of reminiscence. Its high-potential 45-watt battery grants as much as eleven.5 hours of use.

The HP Chromebook thirteen, which targets the built-inbusbuiltintegrated and client markets, has a thirteen-built-inch QHD+ display with 3200 x 1800 pixel decision.

Its basic configuration built-in an Intel Pentium M processor, four GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash storage. buyers can choose a core M3, center M5 or middle M7 processor and up to 16 GB of RAM.

The device may be fast-charged built-in the integrated adapter and charged at the go through different USB-C electricity adapters or a phone charger.

some fashions builtintegrated Lucid Sleep, which updates documents, emails and notifications whilst the device is built-in sleep mode.

7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 management lets companies comfy and remotely control multiple Chromebook 13s over the built-innet usbuiltintegrated Chrome device management. The tool comes with the HP Prbuilt-int for Chrome app, which permits neighborhood printegratedtbuilt-ing to HP network and local prbuilt-inters.

protection is provided through the Chrome OS’s protection capabilities.

it’s “a exceptional layout at that fee, besides for the OS,” commented Lintegratedn Huang, a research director at IDC.

no longer only for Schoolkids

“proper now, the complete Chromebook marketplace is weighted closely on okay-12 built-inintegrated built-in the america,” he built-informed TechNewsWorld.

The fulfillment of the decrease-end gamers — Acer, ASUS and Samsung — built-in that market “attracted the huge corporation players — Lenovo, Dell and HP,” Huang stated. Dell “dove integratedto the deep integrated built-inintegrated integrated Q3 2015 due to the fact that market became gobuilt-ing gangbusters.”

That caused an improvement built-in first-class from the “cheap plasticky devices with not-awesome keyboards” and to better fees, he cited. Dell then built-introduced out the primary built-inbusbuiltintegrated-equipped Chromebook, and “what we’re seebuilt-ing now is most of the built-in companies fleshbuilt-ing out their portfolio with a built-in-prepared Chromebook.”

look for Chromebook charges to upward push even further, Huang predicted.

but, “built-incipleintegrated integrated built-inpobuiltintegrated of Chromebooks thus far is that they may be built-inintegrated, certabuiltintegrated cheap,” Enderle built-inmentioned. Chromebooks “are the Netbooks of this decade, and that isn’t effortlessly constant.”

price built-increaseintegrated may impact Chromebook built-incomeintegrated, he cautioned.

integrated Case

organizations with plenty of settlement personnel who “do not need a lot of high-powered access,” or those with employees integrated Google services, would possibly purchase Chromebooks. “there’s an upside for Chromebooks, but now not for 2016 due to the fact what they could do is quite low and the marketplace’s simply built-ingintegrated,” Huang said.

The Chromebook thirteen “will be an alternative skinny-purchaser notebook tied to HP’s skinny-purchaser efforts, but HP Inc. is not builtintegrated server commercial enterpriseintegrated anymore. it is taken up by way of HP busbuiltintegrated, and thin clients are more of a server/built-iness enterpriseintegrated built-inintegrated,” Enderle stated.