Important Car Care Tips during Scorching Summers


Summers have officially arrived, and every part of your car now demands extreme caution and care. Those faster-diminishing fluids, drying car components, glass windows cracking, and corrosion in the steel zone of the car can get unmanageable.

Scorching Summers

When it is so hot outside, most of you prefer being inside your homes or offices; and when it is time to commute, you take the shield of your air-conditioned car. Having said that, it is your car that faces all the wear and tear to keep you comfortable and protected. Hence, it demands extra attention and maintenance.

It is important to note that if you don’t take proper precautions, you can land up with untimely breakdowns and other maintenance issues of the car. So, to keep your car cruising coolly through the summer months and scorching temperature, make sure you follow the below-mentioned care tips

1. Keep a check on the coolant system –

In summers, keeping the car cool is crucial. The level of coolant fluid, coolant reservoir, and state of hoses need extra attention and inspection and should be checked after every few weeks. Also, check the hoses by squeezing them and ensuring they are not very soft and squishy.

2. Get Air Conditioners inspected –

In summers, No one can afford to spend a single minute in the car without the AC. So, get it inspected by a certified technician. Get all the repairments done in time to avoid future headaches and irritation.

3. Sunshade for dashboard –

When you are not driving the car and parked in the scorching heat, that case windshield cover will protect the dashboard from the ultraviolet rays that make the cabin cooler. Don’t forget sunshades for the rear mirror as they will protect kids from the sun. Due to sunlight, the color of the dashboard and seats fade away, sunshades prevent this from happening.

4. Get wipers checked –

With summers, the rainy season is also around the corner. To get clear vision outside while driving on a rainy day, wipers must be working properly. Get them checked and replaced if needed.

5. Engine belts –

Between the fan, alternator, and other components, there is a twisted belt that runs. It can become loose, deteriorate or even break with time. If you ever happen to see any crack in it, get it replaced. Because it has to be in good condition.

6. Check the tires –

At higher temperatures, are chances that your tire may blow out. So, don’t forget to check the pressure with a manual gauge, at least in summers.

7. Other fluids –

Check the windshield washer, oil, break, and power steering fluids at regular intervals. These fluids are consumed with time and need extra attention for the proper functioning of the vehicle. As summers are here, get the above-written fixes and repairments done.