Important Tips for Choosing a Garden Irrigation System


Everyone loves a lovely little garden. The blooming flowers, leaves and a tiny little ecosystem that thrives in that little place can warm anyone’s heart. But to ensure a garden looks like that forever, you will have to take good care of it. Without care and regular maintenance, the garden will die out sooner than you think. And one way to ensure proper care is putting a proper garden irrigation system in there.

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A properly installed irrigation system makes it easier to water the plants without making a mess and at the same time making it possible to save some water. There are many options in the market for the irrigation systems. Choosing the right one can be difficult, so here are some important tips that would make it easier for you-

Watering Cans and Hoses – Budget Options

Everyone starts with a small garden. These are easier to manage and are a great way to test out if gardening is for you or not. In the beginning, you should not go for complex irrigation systems. All you need is a watering can and a couple of hoses. These are the simplest of all irrigation systems, requiring little to no expert knowledge to use them. They are cost-effective and can also be made even more frugal by using harvested rainwater rather than tap water.

The main problem with this kind of setup is the manual process and the chances of water wastage. Everything is manual here so you will have to be fully dedicated to seeing your tomatoes grow. You can also run into the problem of overwatering your plants if by chance you forget to turn off the tap.

Sprinkler Systems – Quick and Efficient

So now your garden is growing and doing everything manually is not the most convenient option anymore. If this is the case, then have a look at the garden sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems can cover a large area of the lawn or garden without much manual intervention. If you have a large flower based garden and also has surrounding foliage, then the sprinkler system is essential.

The main issue with this system is the wasteful nature. It can spray more than the plant needs. To prevent such wastes, there are automatic sprinkler systems in the market which can be programmed for spraying at some specific intervals.

Drip Irrigation – Expensive but Best

If you are really serious about your gardening and don’t want to waste water then you should consider a drip irrigation system. These are one of the most expensive systems out there but also the most efficient and effective one. They work by releasing small amounts of water (drips) directly into the soil and near the plant roots. The water remains below the ground which ensures no plant is overwatered.

There are advanced drip irrigation systems in the market which have sensors and are fully automated. The main con is the expensive installation procedure and the regular upkeep that it requires.