Modern Successful Innovative Business Leaders You Want To Know About


There are so many great business leaders that we can learn a lot from. In fact, it is a very good idea to analyze the lives and decisions of any person that was successful in order to be able to figure out what you can modify in your professional career with the purpose of reaching that level of success. We can talk about hundreds of successful business leaders. However, we will not put in the list those like Oracle’s president, Charles Phillips, became Infor CEO a few years back, because we want to focus on the strict innovators, those that change the world as we know it.

Amazon – Jeff Bezos

There is simply no way to deny the fact that Jeff Bezos stands out as a true pioneer when looking at online commerce. He was the person that played the most important role in defining internet commerce and various aspects that we came to see as normal in the online world. Predictive analytics appeared because of him, allowing businesses from all around the world to increase sales through customer based product recommendations. As a person, many love or hate Jeff Bezos but nobody can deny his huge influence in everyday life.


Xerox – Anne Mulcahy

Imagine a world without being able to make photocopies of your important documents. That is what we would have without the work of Mulcahy or we would be a lot behind on technology in general. Mulcahy went through a serious financial crisis and when she became the CEO of Xerox in the year 2001 all changed. Although faced with various tough business decisions, Mulcahy prevailed and Xerox became the strong business we know today.

Intuit – Brad Smith

Brad Smith is not that well-known since Intuit is a financial software company. However, you may know Intuit as the maker of QuickBooks. What is particularly fascinating is that Intuit is now operating as a group of startups. The culture features close to 8,000 employees. They are now allowed to take risks and do grow through success and failure. The model is truly an innovative one that is capable of bringing in a lot of success.

Starbucks – Howard Schultz

When you love Starbucks and there is no Starbucks around, you will feel bad. This is the brand that Schultz created. He started being incredibly poor and then started working through the athletic scholarship he had. When he became Starbucks CEO he changed everything, had immense courage and took many risks. His ability to transform and improve is a clear example of what we refer to as the American Dream. He keeps investing in others and is active in the market, setting an example that is hard to follow.

Business leaders work hard, learn and always try to innovate. It is hard to reach the level of innovation that the examples above managed but that does not mean that there is no room left. You might be the next innovator in the industry and you may end up changing the world as we know it.