The following Gen Nexus – Five Functions Fans Would Love In New Device


The Nexus devices have been successful when this comes to creating a hype before their release. Although this particular hype was particularly reserved intended for Apple products, the last couple of years have seen a good increase among mobile phone fans. On this occasion of the year is thrilling within the same sense – followers await the announcement of the particular specifications from the next gen Nexus, its release date and associated with course, the launch from the brand new mobile device in the worldwide as well as the household market.

And while not much is usually known at this time regarding the specifications of the forthcoming device, there are several resources who have claimed that these types of would be revealed by Oct this year, and the gadget itself should be launched at some time in November, the same yr. A point to notice though : this is not an established announcement from the search large or device manufacturers, but Search engines has followed the trend associated with releasing new devices always within the last quarter, and this particular time seems no different Genius Zone.

Features We might Love to See Applied in the Next Gen Nexus

Furthermore, it is speculated that 2 new devices are scheduled to become released – the first in order to be produced by LG (which will be also the successor of Nexus, aka the next gen Nexus) and the other to become place in production by Huawei. These types of are named (as of now) as the “Bullhead” and “Angler” respectively. Now, it really is obvious that will these devices will have improvements when compared to their precursors. However, the mobile users within the current generation demand a lot more, and below we briefly listing five features fans would certainly wish to see in the following gen Nexus.

    • External Memory : Although the Nexus devices arrive pre-installed with 16 and 32GB of inbuilt memory, there are several who else would still want their gadgets with a higher storage capability. Memory has always been the concern among cell phone customers, and the next gen Nexus is not any different.


    • Improved Security : This really is another aspect that customers be worried about the most. In the general perspective, most high-end cellular device manufacturers have implemented finger-print scanning sensors to improve device protection. Nexus users would certainly want the slice of that too, particularly when it is all about protecting their private data.



    • Cardiac Monitoring – Although some expensive mobile phone devices feature detectors for checking your heart price, Nexus users still do not really have that luxury. Generally, this particular problem is taken care associated with by keeping an additional gadget. Nevertheless, users would much enjoy it if the next style Nexus would come pre-installed along with an in-built sensor for that will too.


  • IR Technology – Even though some may find infra-red to become obsolete, these are actually really useful with regards to manage electrical devices we use at home, this kind of as air conditioners and Televisions. Notably, Nexus 6 was furnished with IR. Fans are hoping the following gen Nexus 5 also comes with one of these.

Although the particular second generation Nexus 5 may not be officially announced till the end of the third one fourth, fans and critics have already been wondering about how Google would end up being presenting it. This year’s Search engines I/O has also instilled brand new hopes among Android lovers, plus it is only an issue of time once the device would certainly be in the market regarding all of us to find out. Until then, let’s keep our fingertips crossed for the next style Nexus!