Online Resources to prepare for SAT


Candidates who have planned to opt for foreign universities/colleges post class XII might have started their preparation for SAT by now. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test that is widely accepted by colleges across the United States of America (and other countries like the UK, Australia, etc.) for admissions.

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The exam is conducted multiple times in a calendar year by College Board, an NGO. With over millions of candidates taking the exam each year qualification in SAT is like a ticket to the foreign education dreams of the aspirants.

The SAT exam is conducted in offline mode that is pen and paper mode whereby candidates are tested for their skills and knowledge in handling questions from areas like Reading, Writing, Language, and Mathematics. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours (180 Minutes).

Since you all might be preparing in full swing for your SAT exam we are going to add a smarter touch to your preparation by bringing to your notice some of the best online sources for preparation of SAT exam.

Well, if you want to know about the top websites, YouTube channels and Apps for SAT preparation then sit back and read till the end.

SAT exam highlight

It would be good from the candidate’s perspective to have an overview of the SAT exam before they go on to look for the online resources of preparation. Thus, we have tabled an exam highlight table for your reference purpose:

Exam SAT
Level of Exam International Level
Mode of Exam Offline (Pen-Paper mode)
Conducted by College Board
Sections 5 (Including Essay writing optional section)
Duration of Exam 180 Minutes (3 Hours)
Frequency of exam 7 to 5 times a year
Candidates taking exam Around 1.8 Million
Score Range for SAT 400-1600

Best Websites for SAT preparation

If you are looking for some smart touch to your SAT preparation then the following websites would help you a great deal in achieving a good score in the exam.

PrepScholar:  The website is a good source for preparing different sections of the SAT exam. For the convenience of the students, the website offers free SAT preparation resources on its platform.

  • The Critical Reader: The website is extremely helpful for the candidates who are eyeing to qualify the SAT exam. The content on the website is good enough for helping you ace the reading, writing, and essay (optional section) sections of the exam.
  • College Confidential:  If you are new to SAT preparation and want to get some of your doubts clear then this is the website for you. The website offers students and parents discussion threads related to SAT to help you get your queries sorted out.
  • Khan Academy: This is one renowned website which offers support through quality web content and video content for SAT preparation to candidates.

Best YouTube Channels for SAT preparation

Well, it is said that mind retains the things for a longer period of time if they are taught through audio-visual manner. So, if that is the case then some of the best YouTube channels might help you in keeping your SAT preparations uninterrupted and on the go.

So, take a look at some of the top YouTube Channel for SAT preparation:

  • Veritas Test Prep: On this channel, you can find some of the best video courses for SAT preparation form those who have aced the exam with high scores. The channel has over 7.5 Million views on YouTube.
  • Brian McElroy Tutoring: The channel is run by a teacher with over 15 years of experience in tutoring. The owner Brian has aced the SAT exam and has been offering easy to understand and learn SAT preparation based modules/videos on its channel.
  • Kaplan Test Prep: The channel offers videos devoted to the preparation of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing section of the SAT exam.
  • DOUBLE 8oo: The channel free of cost courses along with short test/question-answer sessions to help you practices as you learn for your SAT exam.

Best Apps for SAT preparation

Now, since you have got an idea about some of the best SAT preparation websites and YouTube channels it’s time for you to look at some of the awesome mobile applications that can aid you with your SAT preparation.

  • Khan Academy:  The App owners have an official partnership with the SAT exam conducting authority that allows it to offer some of the best SAT preparation content to candidates.
  • Magoosh ACT Flashcards: The app provides good support in terms of question practices and coverage of the essential topic in areas like English, Mathematics, and Science etc.
  • The Grading Game: Provides an interactive and game-based environment to help you learn and practice in a fun manner for your SAT exam.
  • Math Brain Booster: The app provides all the necessary support and content that is required to boost your essential skills for tackling questions from the Mathematics section in the SAT paper.