Overwatch Character Guide: How to Master Each Hero


Overwatch is packed with characters that each have their very own unique talents and competencies. Even as the sport’s smooth to select up and play, there are important processes you have to try and take note of. Beneath, you’ll find a series of videos presenting suggestions and techniques on fine-playing each hero in the sport.

Make sure to test returned frequently this week and next, as we will update this selection with greater motion pictures on the rest of the sport’s roster. For greater knowledge of Overwatch, take a look at our the information and features below:

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Overwatch CharacterZarya is one of the hardest tasks to play, utilizing a collection of complicated offensive and protecting skills. While she may not be the strong tank to apply initially, her talents bring a wealth of nuance that is pleasant to grasp. For more information on Zarya, watch the in-depth video above.



Roadhog is a hefty tank that may speedily lay down the offensive towards the opposing crew. As a tank, he is excellent for hassling enemies, bringing them towards him with his chain hook and bombarding them with his scrap gun. For extra on how to play Roadhog, check out the in-intensity video above.


Symmetra can be an incredibly beneficial guide, man or woman if played nicely. Along with her accessible teleporter and arsenal of turrets, she’s capable of tipping the chances to your crew’s desire without difficulty. For extra on the way to use Symmetra’s abilities, watch the in-intensity video above Team Kgsr.


D.Va is a powerful tank that could easily lay down the strain in opposition to fighters. Her healthy mech comes prepared with twin quick-range cannons that can the continuous, excessive-damage hearth without reloading. She additionally sports a diffusion of beneficial offensive abilties that further her impact on the battlefield. For a closer study of how to use her, watch our D.Va individual guide video.


If you like being a pest on your warring parties, Junkrat is your man or woman. His wide range of explosive weapons and abilties make him an excellent harm provider for any group. To better study how to use him, test out our Junkrat individual guide video.


Lucio is one of the game’s most effective support heroes, offering teammates first-useful resource and capability buff support. He’s rather adaptable and is a perfect match for any crew. For the specifics on how to use him, check out our Lucio individual manual video.


McCree is an effective hero who is highly used in opposition to fighters at near-variety. McCree is a force to be reckoned with with his trusty magnum and its many accompanying capabilities that could instantly kill enemies. Watch our McCree person guide video for an in-depth look at how to use this gun-slinging hero.

MercyMercy is a treasured support character who can use her first-aid and capacity buffs to maximize the effectiveness of both tank and offensive characters. Further, her closing- the ability to revive downed teammates- can quickly flip the tide of any war. For more on Mercy’s competencies and the way to play her, watch our Mercy person guide video.

PharahPharah is a notable offensive character in case you need to hassle the opponent, even when dealing sizeable damage. While used properly, her rockets and jetpack make her especially powerful at hit-and-run procedures. Check out our Pharah man or woman manual video for a full breakdown. ReinhardtReinhardt is a clean-to-use tank that primarily acts as a team’s frontman. Along with his handy guard and massive hammer, he may be used to expand effective offensive strategies. Check out our Reinhardt man or woman guide video for a detailed breakdown of utilizing his abilities.

TorbjornTorbjorn is an engineer class hero who uses all varieties of beneficial techniques along with his stationary turret. Whether or not you need to play him defensively or offensively, Torbjorn can be a powerful addition to any group. For an in-depth look at how to utilize his talents, check out our Torbjorn individual guide video.

WidowmakerWidowmaker is an effective sniper with many talents that support her lengthy-range competencies. With the capacity to peer through partitions, plant mines, or grapple-hook her way onto a roof, she’s no longer an individual opposing gamers should take gently. Watch our Widowmaker person manual video for a detailed breakdown on the way to exceptional use.

Winston, compared to different tank elegance characters, Winston is much less of a brute and more targeted on disruption methods. His mobility allows him to get the bounce on his fighters after they least assume it. For extra info on using this guerrilla scientist’s capabilities and processes, look at our Winston person guide video.