PC Vs Mac – five Reasons Why Macs Are Better


Now, before getting started out on this list, I’d like to deal with a few problems that I’m pretty positive will arise. First, that is about Windows PCs vs. Macs (that are also PCs). Second, this text is titled “5 motives why Macs are better”. It’s now not known as “5 motives why some Macs are higher than a few PCs and 5 motives why some PCs are better than Macs”. I take into account that, depending on the specifications and the person, a few PCs can out-perform Macs. However, I’m speaking about a mean user and a median out-of-the-box device. PC Vs Mac

Reason No. 1: Boot Times

This is a big element on my part. How an awful lot time does it take from the moment you hit the strength switch to the moment you could surely start the usage of your laptop? Well, according to research achieved by means of CNET, the average PC walking Windows 7 boots up in 43 seconds. A similar Mac going for walks Snow Leopard boots up in 36 seconds.

Reason No. 2: Security

We’ve all heard that Macs don’t get viruses. Well, it really is no longer actual. They do. However, they don’t get nearly as many as Windows PCs do. AS the exceptional Stan Lee would say: ‘enough stated!

Reason No. 3: Apps

What?!? Apps?!? There’s a ton of software obtainable for Windows that can’t work on a Mac! While this is proper, you have to understand that I’m talking about “out-of-the-box” systems right here… A Windows machine will typically include a pleasant package of the software program, however, they are all unfastened trails that will value you a pretty penny to hold going past their evaluation period. Macs come filled with productivity and creativity software program that you could use forever… And ever.


Reason No. 4: Design Mac

When looking for a new computer, the only component you will word when evaluating Macs to PCs is that everyone makes PCs, however, only Apple makes Macs. There are loads of approaches to position a PC together and just a few approaches to position a Mac together. Most customers don’t know how to properly spec out a new system and will just goal to get “the first-rate one”. The average laptop person doesn’t recognize what the distinction is between an i5 and an i7 processor or even in the event that they had an idea, they would not even understand a way to recognize an i7.

Now, we’ve got all been there; your pal calls you up because they want your assist buying a brand new computer laptop… They come up with the specifications on what to reserve that they got from their different friend who “knows about computers” (is there sincerely each person left who hasn’t heard approximately computer systems… Clearly?)… And simply earlier than you checkout, you get a notification… “Special Offer! Upgrade to 6GB of RAM for best $129!”… They examine the message and ask you “Is that higher? The higher the RAM, the better, right?”… You try to explain to them that in the event that they do not even understand how to order a computer online, there is no need to be worried approximately maxing out their 4GBs… “But is not 6GB better?”… Then you simply sigh, say yeah, click on the “upgrade now” button and order the new pc that they will be bringing to you each 3-6 months because it continues taking them to websites to download loose anti-virus software program…PC Vs Mac

With that said, Apple has already performed all of the research for their customers. They put together computer systems with hardware that perfectly enhances their software program. This offers you the maximum optimized performance and experience on your specification stage. Piecing together a PC with Dell.Com or HP.Com can be difficult and intimidating to the average consumer. Apple not only makes it less difficult to apply their gadgets but also to shop for them.

Reason No. 5: The Culture

The camaraderie amongst Mac users is top notch. It’s simply as sturdy as camaraderie among Linux customers, simplest now not as creepy. That ardor is a large a part of why I put this web page collectively. You Mac users recognize why you are Mac users and this text isn’t for you. It’s for absolutely everyone else.