What Points must be considered while buying trophies for a specific tournament


Are you organizing a sports tournament and are unsure about the award that you wish to give? Awards and trophies are the most important part of a tournament because they are the best form of appreciation that the players or the teams will ever receive for their perseverance and it would keep them motivated for all future tournaments. There are certain vital points you must consider before finalizing the trophy, medals, shields or frames.



What is important is that the award should suit your budget. You might choose to consider buying from an online store or a local store specializing in tournament trophies but it is incredibly important that the awards fit both your choice and budget. Online store often offer great discounts and offers with great price variations to suit the requirements of their customers.

What are the types of awards offered by the online store

You might have thought of the store you are placing the order from, but it is important to also ensure that they have the type of award that you wish to give to the winners. While you might have chosen from among the various options like medals, cups and bowls, plaque shields, trays and salvers and more but you must also consider the nature of the sport and the suitability to the specific event while choosing the award.


Quality of the awards

What you must consider is that the winners would probably keep their awards safe for a lifetime. It is hence necessary that while you might bargain on the size or type, you do not compromise the slightest but of the quality of the material used.

Check the Design

You do not want to be in for a shock on the final day. Not only should you finalize the design but also follow up by checking a sample to ensure that the design looks best for the occasion

Purpose of buying the Trophy

You must be sure of the nature of the awards, whether it is for the team or individual people before deciding on what size of the award to you need or what type of trophy must you order.

Which will be the best colour?

While a plethora of unique colour options might be available, you must choose a colour which is suitable to the sport or go the metallic way.

Packaging of the awards

When ordering from an online store, you must specially ensure of the quality of the packaging material to avoid any instance of breakage of the awards or trophies while in transit.

When will these be delivered?

There’s no use of the awards if they don’t reach you in time. What is most important is that the awards reach well before the tournament is scheduled.

You must also check the reputation of the online store before placing your order to make sure that you are not risking on the reputation of your event by placing your trust wrongly.