Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities 2017


There are different scholarships which run with the purpose of giving assistance to the deserving students so that they are able to complete their studies and likewise ensure popularity to the community, city and finally the country in the process as well.

types-of-engineering-degrees-to-considerBefore moving further, it is important to know those who are considered as minorities in India:-

Minorities in India include Muslims, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Buddhist and Jain

Requirements for opting post matric scholarships scheme for minorities 2017 are:-

So, those of you who fulfill the above requirements from minorities are welcome to apply.

Currently, amongst the various such schemes, I am mentioning the following:-

Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses CS

Being a meritorious student from minority community, have you ever been told by your parent that you possibly can’t continue with your studies further due to lack of money? Well, if yes has been the answer uptill now, then don’t worry. Since, the scheme has actually been announced to give wings to the hopes and desires of students who are full of ambitions and want to place themselves amidst the esteemed companies later on. Yes, I am talking about how you can actually continue with professional and technical courses which promises good job prospects through the aforesaid mentioned scheme.

When the post matric scholarships scheme has come to the fore?

Well, the scholarships have got a boost thanks to the Prime Minister’s New 15 points programme which is created with the aim of benefitting Minorities. The decision to practically make the scheme effective was taken on June 2006 and since then there have been different schemes which have been periodically announced to provide a source of assistance to the needy.

What are the courses covered under Post Matric Scholarships Schemes

Well, there are series of courses. Considering its effective implementation, there is a long list of them which are covered. In short, all the courses from traditional ones to competitive courses are covered.

How to apply

Well, you need to go through the government based website which is solely been created for updating online users about different prevalent schemes. Here is the website namely The implementation of the scheme is done through National Scholarship Portal.

Final thoughts

So make use of the post matric scholarships scheme for minorities 2017 and benefit yourself and also inform those who deserve as well.