Potholes can burn a hole in your pocket because of the expenses for vehicle repairs. A pothole is so dangerous that one hit can damage the wheel rims, engine, exhaust or even the steering system of your vehicle. The most common thing that can happen to your car is flat tires.

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Potholes can form due to various reasons such as excessive heat, puddles or road wear and tear. However, the most critical reason for potholes to form are poor drainage system and lack of road maintenance.

Here is a guideline that will help your car avoid potholes and various troubles that come with them.


If the pressure of your tire is not as recommended, then it will not only reduce the mileage but will also make it hard to come to a quick stop. The pothole can escalate this problem and lead to a blown out tire. Hence, try to make sure you inflate them as per the owner’s manual.


When you attend a driving school, everybody thinks that you must not increase the speed of your car than the prescribed limit. So when you find a pothole in your way, slow down and find a way to avoid the pothole. Slower the speed of the car the better you will be at preventing the pothole. You may also leave a little space in front of your vehicle; this will provide you more time to react as the drivers in front of you might give you a lead to follow.


Sometimes due to freezing and thawing puddles may develop. Puddle of water can disguise a deep pothole. Try to avoid these or avoid it slowly by rolling and proceeding with caution. Springtime puddles are major troubles, so it is better to burst the bubble of trouble by preventing it.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. Be a responsible citizen, not only do yourself some good but do some good to the entire city by being an advocate. Spread awareness and report these problems on apps. There are various hotlines and online forms where you can account a local pothole. Do a quick search on the internet and find the best method that is applicable in your area.


You can avoid some puddles, but there are many that you can’t take care of. Once you hit a pothole and your wheel rims, engine or exhaust system goes for a toss, make sure to visit an auto repair shop first. The alignment of your steering may be thrown off as it is all part and parcel of an unsafe road. Stay ahead of the game by planning and preparing. Look for the best auto repair shop nearby who will assist you through the pothole damage.

In case the damage is too much seek the help of a professional car dealer who will give you the best deal for your broken and damaged car.