Print From a Mac to a Shared Vista Printer Step-By-Step


Print from Mac to Shared Windows Printer

Setting up a printer to print directly from a computer is a no-brainer in recent times. Just connect the cable to the computer and the printer, and your computer does the relaxation. You may have to tell the laptop where the drivers are; however, it will finish the setup. In a couple of minutes, you’re up and going for walks and might print pretty much something. But wait, what in case you desired to print to a printer on another computer on the identical network? No hassle. Enable the sharing capability of the printer, and you are excellent to head. It would not depend on whether or not you are on a PC network or a Mac network. But wait – again!


What if you wanted to print from a Mac to a Windows PC that has a stand-by myself printer connected? Oh, if that’s what you desired, then that doesn’t appear to work very well. At least if you seek Apple’s help websites and Microsoft’s aid websites, there are simplest regular statistics on how to hook up with the ‘other aspect,’ no step-by means of-step publications. So after a few days of seeking and research on the internet, I finally got it working. Here is a step-through-step process to print from a Mac to a shared Vista printer related to the equal network.

Starting on the Vista notebook facet, to which the printer is attached, there is a pair of things you need to ensure paintings first. For one, see whether this PC can browse the internet. If it can, the IP deal with is installation well. Next, for the printer, this is connected to it; ensure that you may print it.

Then follow these steps:

1) Go to Control Panel – Programs and Features

2) Click on Turn Windows capabilities on and rancid

3) Scroll via the listing of features and look for the Print Services; ensure they may be all checked and save your changes

4) Go returned to Control Panel – Printers

 Shared Vista

5) Click for your printer, then right-click, and within the pop-up menu, click on sharing

6) Make sure that Share this printer is checked. Also, maintain the percentage name one phrase; for e.G. I made Canon Inkjet i850 into Canoni850. Take notice of this percentage name for the Mac manner arising in the subsequent phase.


7) Go returned to Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center

8) I became on the following matters: Network Discovery, File Sharing, Public Folder Sharing, and Printer Sharing. Password Protected Sharing and Media Sharing are each off.

9) Click on Apply and OK as appropriate to shop your adjustments and go out from Control Panel.

10) make a note of this PC’s IP Address. If you want help locating this, see the Procedure to Find Windows IP Address on the give up of this submit.

Now go over to the Mac facet. Today’s model of Mac OS X 10.6.X includes the CUPS printer drivers. These are Unix printer machine drivers. As a caveat, this crossover platform printing will no longer work without those CUPS drivers. You may also lose some functionality; however, for the maximum component, it should be paintings. The CUPS drivers are up to date periodically. Chances are, your mainstream printer must be supported. There may be the possibility that the CUPS drivers do not consist of your precise version. In that case, see whether there may be a greater updated version of the drivers with the aid of going to the Gimp-print SourceForge internet site. You can search CUPS drivers mac on Google for the precise URL.

Then comply with these steps on the Mac:

1) Click on the Apple icon – System Preferences – Print & Fax

2) Click at the (+) button

3) While protecting down the control key, click at the top of the Add Printer window, then click on the Customize Toolbar choice

4) Drag the Advanced tools wheel among the windows and search text box; click on execute

5) Then click on the Advanced equipment wheel icon; some processing will occur

6) You have to have three strains: Type, Device, and URL on the top half of-of the Add Printer window

7) For Type select Windows from the drop-down

8) Leave Device at the default access

For e.G. It needs to look something like this: smb:// 9) At the URL, you have to see smb:// Next to that kind of your windows IP address/printer share name. If you want to find your home windows IP, deal with seeing the Procedure to Find Windows IP Address at the cease of this article. Printer

10) The Name subject will fill in routinely with the IP address; update the contents of the Name subject with a more acquainted call like Canoni850. Leave location clean

11) In print Using: field, click at the drop-down box and choose Select Printer Software

12) Another dialog box needs to seem. Choose the model that maximum closely suits your printer and click on OK

13) Then click on the Add button

14) Next, open TextEdit, sort something on a web page, and print it for your newly bought printer.

15) You need to be up now and going for walks with a printer.

Procedure to Find Windows IP Address

1) At the windows workstation, click on the World icon at the bottom left nook. Then in the begin seek line open a DOS command line window by way of typing in cmd and hit Enter

2) In the DOS window, kind in IP config and hit Enter

3) You may need to scroll. However, you must be capable of finding the four octets you deal with inside the display. It will be categorized as something like Ipv4 Address or IP Address

Note: If your power at the Vista notebook is ordinary, there’s a chance that the IP Address might also exchange if it is dynamic. And, if it does the exchange, the printer you configured at the Mac may also need to change to hold to work.