Qualities to Look for in Architects


When it comes to designing a custom home, it is imperative to seek professional help. Designing and constructing a residential or commercial building is a complicated task. As such, whether you’re developing a corporate complex or building a family residence, you need to first find an expert architect. Only architects have the skills, knowledge, and experience to translate the ideas in your mind into an accurate and functional design. However, when it comes to hiring an architect there are a number of things you will need to consider.

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An architect is considered as qualified and successful only if he/she possesses certain skills and qualities. It is the qualifications and experience of an architect that can bring your vision to life. The architecture firm you chose will oversee every aspect of project planning, design, and construction. These firms have teams of professionals who are trained and skilled in designing different types of projects. Given the role performed by architects, you need to make sure that you enlist a qualified professional for the job.

While contacting the architecture firms, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here we’ve listed the most important qualities and traits to look for in architects.

Design Sense

First and foremost, the architect must possess great design sense. The professional needs to present design on paper to the clients and builders. The architect you choose must be passionate about designing and able to combine visual appeal with functionality. It is the creativity of architects that presents innovative designs and resolve complex design problems. If you have a particular vision in mind, a good architect can turn that into reality. The best architecture firms are up-to-date on the latest design trends and are capable of rendering ideas graphically.

Flawless Sketching Skills

Before the actual work begins, you need to see how the plan will look. An expert architect can provide you an accurate design and plan in the drawing to understand everything clearly. The architecture firms provide project design in multiple formats such as hand sketch, 3D model, and digitally. The professional you hire must have skills to draw with hands or by using computers to produce accurate and high-quality designs. You can ask the firm to show you samples of their previous work to get a better idea of the drawing and sketching skills.

Technical Know-How

The architect you hire must have complete knowledge of architecture discipline. Only an architect with technical knowledge can incorporate mechanical, structural and electrical components into their design to make it functional. This professional should have knowledge about durable and efficient building materials, wiring, and other elements.

Experience & Reliability

Last but not least, the architecture firm you hire must have industry experience. Make sure the architect have a field, as well as book experience. This profession demands years of practice to polish skills. Besides industry experience, the architecture company you hire should also be trustworthy. Only an established architecture firm is fast and consistent to complete the projects on time. To avoid hiring an incompetent and unreliable architect, always check the online ratings and reviews.