Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Inspector


One of the most important steps you need to take after getting that ratified contract is to inspect the home. A Home Inspector is a professional consultant that performs a visual assessment of the condition of the home’s major systems at a point in time. As you follow the inspector around the house, the inspector can help you learn about the home and how the major systems work.

Home Inspector

If you were hiring a home inspector to inspect a home for your out-of-state family member, what questions would you ask them? Here is a list of questions that would help you.

1. What are your certifications?

If you happen to be in one of the many states where home inspectors are licensed, that is just a minimum level to do the job. As a group of professionals, we will search for a home inspector that has taken the time to get extra certifications above and beyond the minimum.

2. What kind of report do you provide, and when will I receive it?

Hopefully, any legally acclaimed inspector will provide you with a written report that you can use to evaluate the home purchase. Reports differ in both style and level of detail.

3. Are you available after you send the report for questions and/or clarification?

We all strive to write a report that explains all the issues as clearly as possible, but sometimes things may not be obvious to you. You should be able to call or email your inspector with questions after the inspection is complete.


4. What is your home inspection experience?

You will find that home inspector come from many different backgrounds. Some may have been in the building trades, and some may be doing it as a second career. The important thing to look for is an inspector that has experience doing home inspections.

5. How many inspections do you do in a day?

Hopefully, the answer is only one or two. Most inspectors will do a morning and an afternoon inspection.

6. Can I accompany you on the inspection?

The inspection is your time to learn about the house. Odds are, the inspection is the longest amount of time you will spend in the house until you own it, so make the most of it. Your inspector should encourage you to ask questions as the inspection is going on.

7. What warranties/guarantees are included with the inspection?

A home inspection is, by definition, a snapshot in time. It shows the condition of the house on the day of the inspection.

8. How much does the inspection cost?

This is the last question you should ask, and it’s really only, so you know how much to write the check out for.

If you need any assistance with the above-mentioned subject, contact ‘Gold Eye Home Inspection.’ The company doesn’t pass or fail a house. The Home Inspector won’t advise you about your financial situation or the housing market. Other professionals can help you with those areas. This company’s prime job isn’t to tell you to buy or not to buy. It’s to help you understand the home’s major systems so that you will be ready for repairs or changes that may be required or so you can negotiate changes in your purchase agreement. For more information, you can check the websiteà.