Quickly Get Your Work with Intuitive PDF Editing Apps


I often find myself wishing that I could do some work while I’m out and about. I know my free time should stay free time, but sometimes, I just want to get extra work off my back as quick as possible. For example, the 5-minute window when I’m having breakfast. Fortunately, there are apps for just that purpose, some of them being PDF editing apps. I think quite a lot of people work with PDFs in their careers, and if you are one of them, then maybe this post will help you out. I searched for the most useful editing apps and found a few that I liked, plus this list, which also has a few pretty good ones. I’ll share the link just in case you don’t find the 3 I selected useful.

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Best 10 PDF Editing Apps by AppGrooves

So, besides that list, there are a few more that I especially liked, so here they are.

PDF Reader – Rating: 4.3 – Downloads: 10 million

I think that PDF Reader is pretty straightforward. You can read, edit, and save PDFs. It has one function and it does that one exceptionally well. I like how you can also merge two PDFs together so that your save file is nice and uncluttered. This can probably come in handy with all the “digital paperwork”. I’m really bad with organizing stuff, so this helped me out in particular! You can also sync the app to any device so you can use it anywhere. This means you can start something at work and finish it up later when you get back home.

The app is useful, but if you don’t like ads, you might not like the app. You can pay to get rid of them and also access extra features, but users have said that it is not worth the cost. I think it would be best to just use the free version of the app. But then again, it’s kind of a paradox since you’re looking for an app to save time and then you find yourself wasting time on getting rid of the ads. It’s up to you.

Pros: Free version, easy organization

Cons: Ads, expensive paid version

Overall: A reliable PDF editor that could use just a bit fewer ads

Foxit MobilePDF – Rating: 4.5 – Downloads: 1 million

This app claims to have lots of different editing tools for you to use for free, supposedly even more than PDF Reader. You can also collaborate on projects with friends or co-workers if you both have the app, making it pretty simple to get work done fast. Although I didn’t try to do any collabs, the features are snappy and on point. This makes the app another great choice and I can imagine the ability to work with people on the same file might interest few people.

Once again, you have to pay if you want access to all of the tools. I’m getting tired of having to tell you guys that, but that’s just the way things work. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why ads are there, but as I mentioned, I just think it’s a bit counterintuitive for apps that are all about productivity. I also noticed it seemed less simple than PDF Reader, so there is a bit of a learning curve when using it.

Pros: Lots of tools, the collaboration feature

Cons: Have to pay for full access, a learning curve

Overall: A handy app that lets you collaborate, but you need to pay to unlock all features

Adobe Acrobat Reader – Rating: 4.3 – Downloads: 100 Million

Adobe Acrobat Reader is by far the most popular PDF editing app out there. It has tools for creating, editing, e-signing, and many more. I like the e-signing feature because you won’t find that one with every app and just that one simple feature saves so much time. It probably isn’t fair to compare a seasoned company like Adobe to smaller developers who are just starting, but my main purpose is to help you out. And because of that, I had to include this one.

Again, you have to pay to get full access to this app. Feeling like a broken record here. It seems to me that there are just no good PDF readers that are totally free. Other than that, though, this is a pretty solid app. It is the most used one for a reason, after all.

Pros: Popular, E-signing feature, well-polished app

Cons: No real cons except having to pay for full access

Summary: A great PDF app that comes from a reliable developer

Okay, so these were my favorite PDF editing apps. They are all paid, unfortunately, so I apologize for that. But then again, developers put their time into creating an app so it’s reasonable. And if you’re using any of the apps for business, it’s not asking for too much to pay for the software that will save you tons of time. So, I do think all three are worth trying out anyway. I hope you guys can get some use out of them.