Replacing Steel Casement Windows


We have all seen the old steel casement windows. The ones where we crank the handle and the window open outwards. These steel casement windows are hard to replace. Homeowners worldwide get into trouble when their steel casement windows get damaged and need to be replaced. In this article, we will see how to replace these steel casement windows.

Casement Windows

The first thing you need to do to change your window is bought a replacement window. Since you can’t remove the old window without having a new one in its place, the first thing you need to do if you decide to replace the window is to buy a new one. Let, for instance, you have bought a single casement window with no fixed panels. Crank the old window open from the inside, and you can see metal lips extending half-inch from the drywall on all four sides. The part of the frame, which consists of the metal lips, generally stays in place, and therefore the new window needs to be fitted, keeping about this frame. You must measure the actual length and breadth of the window needed. The new window you buy will fit inside the lips. Therefore, to measure the length and breadth of the window needed, we need to measure lip to lip and then leave out a quarter of an inch from the total. Do the same for the height. For instance, you measured thirty-five and three-eighth of an inch more; the resultant measurement would be thirty-five and one-eighth of an inch. So, every time you want to measure a steel window, you have to deduct one-fourth of the total measurement and then order a new window with the modified measurement. If you live out in Western America, you might find something known as a retrofit frame, which fits pretty well in the steel casements. Buying those will give you the advantage that you do not have to trim the sides of the frame to fit the window. But, if you buy a replacement style frame, you need to trim the sides after you fit the window.


After your window arrives, it’s time that you remove your old window. Casements that have no fixed panel are easier to remove. Cranking the window open, you will realize that there are two pivots, one on top and another in the bottom. Now, you need to cut off the metal piece with which the pivot is attached. This will remove the glass and the frame. Now, inside the house, remove the screws which are holding the crank assembly together. The last step in removing the frame is by removing the protruding metal strips leftover in the process of removing the window. We can do it easily with pliers or vice grips.

As we described earlier, if you have a combination of fixed panels and casements, then you can follow the above steps and remove the casement. Now, when it comes to removing the glass, what experts do is that they put up duct tape all over the corners of the glass. Then, cut the glass from all sides using a glass cutter. Now, tap the glass with a hammer, and it will come out very easily. There will be bits of glass here and there beyond the metal lips, and you need to clear them out so that they are not in the way of the installation.

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