Go for a Revision Rhinoplasty to Get Over a Bad Nose Job


If you happen to be the victim of a botched nose job or of a rhinoplasty procedure that has gone wrong, you will be able to correct it. A procedure is known as “revision rhinoplasty” will allow you to undergo a second, minor procedure to fix any mistakes or errors during the first procedure. Rhinoplasty surgeons have a certain risk associated with them because they are extremely delicate and difficult to perform. Though the surgeon may be extremely competent, unforeseen circumstances can negatively affect the result of the rhinoplasty procedure, making it a risk to undergo such a procedure. Other problems can include scarring after the procedure or trouble breathing properly – despite the nose healing completely.
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Revision rhinoplasty, as a procedure, is often lighter and less stressful than the original procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is essentially performed to fix any errors that were caused during the original procedure. If the surgeon has not taken enough off, revision rhinoplasty can be performed to remove the excess skin or fix any other issues. On the other hand, if too much has been removed, the surgeon will perform a light nose augmentation. A common problem is that the nose is asymmetrical after the procedure. A skilled, competent surgeon can easily fix this. These procedures, therefore, are easier and cheaper to do than full-blown rhinoplasty procedures.

Another issue that may need to be fixed is if the soft tissue in your nose is damaged during the procedure. During the revision rhinoplasty procedure, the soft tissue can be adjusted within the nose to create a clear airway and help the patient breathe. This procedure is performed by removing excess cartilage and tissue from specific areas, which will aid in the patient’s breathing once the procedure has been complete. Before going for a revision rhinoplasty procedure, it is important to remain calm and collected, and it is essential to walk into the surgeon’s office with realistic expectations. Ask the surgeon for a computer simulation of what your nose might look like after the procedure, so you can see if it works according to your ideals or if you have to adapt your expectations to a realistic setting. Another important factor is to communicate openly with your surgeon, ensure that nothing goes wrong during the procedure, and ensure that post-operative care goes smoothly and efficiently. In this manner, you will be able to get the job done well without worrying about extra procedures in the future.

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