SEO Service Provider- What Methodologies Do They Adopt?


SEO is like a sport, where the foundation hasn’t changed much since its inception, but the applications have changed for the most part. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization providers always need to be well aware of the changing algorithms of the search engine to provide the optimum solution to companies hiring them. With the rise of Internet marketing across the world today, there are thousands of SEO service providers. Therefore, competition has increased.


Search Engine Optimization techniques are decided after intricate research and evaluation of the specific domain of the industry, which is again a stepwise process. They also have to take care of the operational goals provided by the client and then have to plan on developing the business plan. So, let us see the strategies or the methods SEO service providers use to ensure success.

Pre-Action Analysis-: As a pre-requisite, a SEO expert needs to know the extent of his work. For this, the website to be worked upon needs to be analyzed on different accounts like HTML code, navigation, design, orphan pages, usability, tags, broken links, etc. This step is helpful so that the SEO expert knows how much work has been done on the website and how much needs to be done. Measuring a website on any web measurement scale before work is vital for a SEO expert.


Progression-: After understanding the goals your client wants to achieve and examining the competitions, a SEO expert has to decide on the progression plan. The progression plan often involves 5 stages.

· Analysis of Keywords.

· Syndication of Content.

· HTML Compatibility check.

· Submissions.

· Other Search Engine Marketing like affiliate and email marketing.

Recommendations-: After the progression is over, now it is time for a SEO expert to recommend the Plan of Action after organizing and developing the same. The POA or the Plan of Action should include every intricate detail of the SEO provider’s service. Recommendations on the various other options for the website development will also be included in the POA, which will include the client’s operational and business goals. Most importantly, the POA also includes the budget.

Implementation of the Plan-: The Plan of Action can start the next phase once approved and mutually agreed on. The implementation. The strategies, as recommended by the experts in the plan of action, are assigned and demarcated. A respective team of SEO experts is assigned for each purpose. A report is given on a fortnight basis to the team leader on the progress of the work.

Search Engine Optimization optimizes both the quality and volume of the traffic redirected to the website. This is done by setting some keywords which go with the product and services the client provides. The unique advantage of Search Engine Optimization is that it can target different types of searches, which include industry relates searches, keyword relates searches, even image searches and voice searches.

The main aim of SEO experts is to bring in traffic to the website, which needs a sustained online marketing strategy. SEO experts just use the changing algorithms of the search engine and compel the search engine robots to view the website higher in the search rankings so that more and more people can see the website and hence visit them.

SEO can increase your sales without increasing your marketing costs at the same rate, increasing profits over time. SEO can improve your business goals at effectively better ROI (Return of Investment) than any other form of online marketing at a little additional cost.

Many SEO service providers often lack content management skills but are highly efficient in source code and site design. It is your job as a client to make sure that your money gets worth it. Always go for SEO service providers who can offer a one-stop solution to all your needs. Ask for recommendations from other business owners, and ask testimonies from the SEO service providers to test their expertise before hiring them.

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