Should You Buy the New Huawei Honor eight?


2016 is nearly over and with Christmas season nearly upon us, many smartphone users can be seeking to upgrade their telephones. On the Android aspect of the fence, matters have never been so precise, with aggressively priced and properly featured phones available at nearly every charge bracket. The corporations which might be to thank for this flood of exceptional telephones within the market are the Chinese upstarts with names like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Though Huawei isn’t always exactly an upstart it’s miles nevertheless no longer exactly a widely recognized call in maximum massive phone markets in the world besides China. Honor eightSo in many nations, Huawei is only now turning into an acknowledged emblem and that too, handiest among the Android trustworthy.

The tremendous new Honor eight

A lot of this newfound reputation for Huawei is right down to an unmarried variety of smartphones from the organization; the Honor Series. The today’s telephone within the line-up may additionally possibly be Huawei’s pleasant effort but: the Honor 8. Android smartphones users searching out a brand new device or an upgrade on the cease of 2016 must genuinely consider the Honor 8. If the wide variety of online accent and case makers are something to head by, the Honor eight must be promoting like hotcakes because the marketplace is flooded with Honor 8 instances and designer Honor 8 Mobile covers.

Customise your Honor eightHuawei Honor eight

With flagship beating specifications and a price tag that appreciably undercuts a number of its prime rivals, the new Honor 8 is a super telephone from a hardware point of view. The only problem is that it is not exactly the maximum thrilling smartphone to look and neither is the Huawei logo one that evokes strong fantastic emotions from all of us, outside of China at the least. This shouldn’t forestall every person from actively considering the Honor eight as their subsequent phone though because whilst the design may not be exciting it’s far extremely nicely made and beautifully finished. Huawei Honor eightIf you are seeking to add a little style or personality, a Huawei Honor eight case can be the solution you are seeking out. There are a number of websites in which you could but them online and in case you want a case that actually displays who you are, then maybe a custom Huawei Honor 8 case is what you should be searching out. Many widely recognized websites give you the choice to personalize an Honor 8 Case with your favorite image and caption, to create a case this is specific to you.