Six Important Piano Care Tips


Pianos are expensive and need proper care. It is important to keep your piano in good condition if you want it to function properly for a longer time.

Many people purchase a piano out of their desire and excitement to learn it. But due to failing attempts they abandon it in a room full of dust and dirt. But they can keep it in proper shape so that you can sell it to a good dealer later on.

There are people who play the piano on a daily basis, either for learning or making money. They too need to take care of their instrument. So here are some amazing piano care tips every piano owner must know-

Tune your Piano Regularly-

Pianos pitch can be affected by swellings and contraction of its soundboard due to environmental factors. Therefore, a piano manufacturer always recommends to get it tunned at least four times in the first year and twice thereafter.

The more you keep it tuned, the better sounds will it create while playing.

Put Your Piano in a Suitable Place-

The material used to make piano consists of cast iron, steel and wood which are vulnerable to high humid conditions and changing temperatures. In the extreme case with fluctuations in temperature and humidity, parts of pianos may shrink or swell, or there may be cracks in the soundboard.

Therefore, pianos must be placed in a controllable temperature room where there are no AC vents, fireplaces, large windows etc. Use dehumidifiers during the rainy season.

You can hire a piano storage company to store your piano if you are not using it for a long time. They have a suitable place and equipment to take care of your piano.

Cover the Keys When Not in Use-

If you do not cover the keys of your piano, they can catch dust and pet hair. Keys are a sensitive part of a piano and can get contaminated easily. If your piano comes with a built-in cover, then use it to cover it after playing. If you don’t have one, then you can find it online or in a music store.

You can use a dry cloth to cover it too to protect it from pollutants suspended in the air.

Keep Away the Liquids-

Never place food and drinks on the surface of the piano. Spills can cause irreversible internal damages to your piano and can spoil the wood finish too.

Avoid keeping it in a damped place or a place prone to water leakages since it can lead to the growth of molds and swell up the wood.

Play Your Piano-

Play your piano often to keep moving parts in good conditions. It will not only make it easy to detect problems but also prevent service lapses.

Hire a Professional Piano Mover to Move Your Piano-

Moving your piano from one place to another on your own can cause damage to your piano. It is better to hire professional piano movers who are trained and use the right tools to move your piano.