So Many Apps, So Many Ways To Track Everything You Do, Say, Think, Read, Watch Or Buy


Or hire, borrow, thieve, consider, keep for, plan, or whom you adore, hate, or recognize. They’ll understand your goals, passions, pursuits, politics, and then AI (artificial intelligence) will classify you as good, terrible, treasured, or worthless to the system. In the remaining case, you won’t be desired via the growing country, authority, powers-that-be, and worldwide management. Think it might not appear? Really… Nicely, I’ve were given information for you it’s already happening here at domestic. At the same time, as it is an awful lot extra obvious in China as it is out within the open and overtly said using their Communist Government, we sincerely aren’t that aways at the back of. Let’s speak, let’s?

Ways To Track

The subject matter is Freedom, Liberty, and Personal Privacy inside the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. So, permit me to take you through a smooth to recall thought experiment and set of occasions, and I’ll do it in layman’s phrases. Ready?

Recently, Amazon had a press release on how they planned to deliver applications internal to your front door using their unique clever-domestic lock and safety gadget. A few months later, they announced they might supply packages into your vehicle, as long as you had On Star, which lets you use a “release characteristic” if the consumer stocks those Apps together. This approach makes numerous experiences for condo dwellers or those who live in excessive-rises, supply to the auto; it is easier for absolutely everyone, plus in case you paintings (that means you have got money to buy stuff online) at a huge agency, possibilities are precise you park your automobile in the corporate parking zone all day, have it delivered there, better than leaving it on the porch, so the bundle is probably stolen proper? Sure – however, let’s talk approximately wherein all this is going?

Many Apps

Do you have got a health App? Do you operate mapping software? These Apps keep the song of your location, your actual area thru GPS. If Amazon has your car’s area at all times, or every time you’ve got a package ordered for something, you’ve got over again given away your place to their cloud. Not that your area data isn’t always already acknowledged thru different Apps. Are you beginning to see how all these statistics approximately impede any hope for autonomy or privacy?