Sony WI-C400 overview


Sony has made some critically awesome active noise canceling headphones over the route of a previous couple of years. It has a wide array of headphones across all categories which includes over-the-ear, on-ear, in-ear and now neckbands. Somewhere in among the crowded portfolio, there may be the WI-C400 wi-fi in-ear neckband within the entry-level section. WI-C400

Sony also has WI-1000X in-ear noise canceling wireless headphones priced at Rs 21,990. Then comes the WI-C400 geared toward the ones seeking out a low-priced alternative. It’s miles priced at Rs 3,990, but a few shops promote it for Rs 3,299.

While all of the different types are traditional and have been followed by many, the neckbands are getting famous for the various commuters. It makes sense as they offer you an almost wireless revel in with better battery lifestyles than actually wi-fi headphones and finer audio than everyday stressed out headphones.

Sony WI-C400, with all its functions, seems like a splendid headphone for audiophiles who shuttle and need a low-priced headphone. To affirm this, we put the wi-fi neckband to check.

WI-C400 is light-weight

WI-C400 is lightweight

Looking at the WI-C400, the primary impressions were neither overwhelming nor lousy. The appeals are respectable however the build high-quality doesn’t seem very long lasting. Yes, they’re bendy, but you couldn’t twist and hold them in the pocket.Sony WI-C400

It has a minimalistic around the neck design, with thick casings at each end, which accommodate the battery, microphone, and other components. The plastic casings are joined by means of a slim neckband stem that feels fragile, however, it surely isn’t. It’s just the skinny audio cables and finicky earbuds which are the inferior elements in the design.

These headphones are fairly clean to carry, especially even as dangling around your neck. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t provide a case or a pouch, and they’re not bendy enough to hold inside the pocket. So you either keep them in a bag or around your neck.

I had been using them for greater than a month now, however, there’s no trade in shape or coloration. They look the same as when I obtained them and me in no way particularly supposed to address them carefully.

They have smooth-to-use control buttons that offer all of the important capabilities like play/pause, subsequent/preceding song, volume controls, pick/disconnect calls. The remarks from the buttons are right and the format is simple to use. It took me just someday to get used to them.

The Sony WI-C400, however, are common satisfactory in-ear headphones which cannot be advocated for hardcore audiophiles.

On the brighter facet, they have a steady bass, fantastic mids, and loud enough audio. The bass is regular, however, lacks thump and sounds extra boomy. That way, it’s not the high-quality for Hip-hop, EDM and DnB enthusiasts. Mid-bass from contraptions like kick drums and bass guitars lacks huge time, whereas the high-bass is overpowered. That is the purpose why the bass is not tight on that headphone.

They have proper mid-range, however, there’s a moderate bump in low-mid, which reproduces cluttered vocals and instrumental sound. Especially from instruments like a trumpet, clarinet or violin. Similarly, there’s a bump in high-mids too, which emphasizes excessive pitched vocals and contraptions to make it sound honky.

The treble is ready average. In a maximum of the levels, the general response is pretty even. Also, in a few cases, the mid-treble and low-treble does sense barely overemphasized. WI-C400

Unlike most in-ear headphones, the leakage performance is fantastic. There’s minimum leakage in the mids and bass, most effective the treble variety is heard out of the headphones till approximately a toes away.

The microphone plays quite well for calls in a remoted surrounding. I didn’t enjoy any muffling at any factor of time. But they do pick out up ambient noises at locations like busy streets or metro trains. If you’re on a name at an extraordinarily noisy region, you’ll hear the noise around you louder than the man or woman talking to you on the alternative give up.

The WI-C400 has an impressive battery lifestyle, however, it takes a similarly long time to price as well. They offer around 16 hours of continuous playtime in most instances and take extra than 3 hours to price.

The Sony WI-C400 is certainly secure and lightweight in phrases of design. They provide notable battery existence for extended utilization, but they have got mediocre audio nice for crucial listening.

They do not block a number of noise at the same time as commuting, but it’s battery lifestyles and sturdy layout makes it a good headphone for commuters. Also, they’re solid enough for jogging and other health sports as properly.