Step by Step Guide to Organise Your Medicine Cabinet


After all the hustling bustling schedule, you finally get the chance to give your medicine cabinet an organised look. However, when you actually open it and take a careful look, you are horrified to witness the chaos and sit there thinking where to start.

Well, folks worry not! We are going to help you though this ‘tough’ situation. Here is a step by step guide to organise your medicine cabinet. Read and follow!

  1. Starting from the Scratch

The first and foremost thing to do is remove all the products from the medicine cabinet. Once all the things are out of the cabinet, arrange them together as per their usage. For instance, put medications in one pile, first aid in another and so on. This will help you understand the things that you need and the things that need to be discarded.

2. Get Rid of Old Medicines

Now that you have everything in front of you arranged in an ordered pile, take a close look at them and remove the things that are not needed. There might be some medicines that were in the cabinet for a long time and have reached their expiry date. So, you need to dispose them. However, make sure that you should not dispose such medicines by either flushing them or throwing them into trash. If you throw them in water, such medicines can affect the water, thus harming the environment. On the other hand, if you throw them out, any animal or child might consume it accidently. Hence, follow the disposal instructions given on the packet. Apart from such expired medicines, also get rid of things that you never used or will never use in the future.

3. Remove the Stuff that belongs elsewhere

It is not just the old and unused medicines that you need to clear out of your cabinet stuff but also the things that really don’t belong there. Confused? Well we are talking about your shampoo or curling iron or rubber bands or your cream that ended up in your medicine cabinet. Your medicine cabinet must serve its purpose.

4. Clean it

After putting so many organisational skills in the things that belong to the cabinet, it is time to shift your focus to the cabinet itself. Your cabinet can get really grimy with dust and sticky medicines. So, clean it thoroughly using soapy water. Focus on each and every corner. You should also clean the boxes that you use in the cabinet for storing small things. After washing, wipe the cabinet neatly.

5. Refill it in an Organised manner

The final step, as you can easily guess, is to refill the cabinet with the necessary things. However, this must be done in an organised manner. Designate each shelf with a category and then put things accordingly. If you think that you need some more medicines, you can buy medicine online through websites like and get them delivered at your home. In case you want your medicine cabinet to make your life easier, put the daily routine items such as deodorants, toiletries and shaving kit etc. on the bottom shelf. The things that need to be placed out of reach of children should be kept on the top shelf. Manage it all and place the things in neat way.

Follow these steps diligently and what you will have in the end is a nice, clean and organised medicine cabinet. You can also buy medicine online now as you have a clear idea of what thing you really need. Moreover, this reorganising activity will also give peace to your mind which will also feel relaxed and decluttered.