Storage Solutions Provided by Self-Storage Facilities


Storage facilities are a boon for those looking for self-storage facilities. They provide space for various sizes and types to cover all kinds of storage needs. Whether one has to store a few personal items or whole furnishing, storage facilities have something for every need.

Why Storing Facilities?

Self-storage facilities can be beneficial for a number of reasons. People have a tendency of amassing personal possessions over the years, with which they are quite attached and do not wish to sell away. Often there is not enough space in our houses to store these possessions and that is when one needs the services of storage facilities which will keep these precious belongings safely.


Often when the kids grow up and move away, people shift to smaller houses which may not have space enough to house all their possessions. That is when storage facilities come in quite handy.

Another time when storage facilities are required is while renovating homes. Furnishings, although temporarily, have to be moved elsewhere and storage facilities are the only place that provide so much space and safety.

What You Can Store

All kinds of belongings, your furniture, car, boat, yacht or RV can be stored in these facilities. However one needs to be careful, and no hazardous materials like explosives, chemicals, acids or other such materials should be stored there.

Storage facilities also provide services like climate control for storing furniture or sensitive electronic equipment and expensive musical instruments. These units come with the option of temperature and humidity control. These storage units are also great to store works of art, crystal works or wax works as they prevent any damage by dust, mould, pests, insects, mildew or rodents to your possessions.

Storage units of size 5’ x 5’ can easily accommodate around 36 standard sized boxes. Larger units of around 10’ by 30’ can store all the furnishing of a 5-6 bedroom house easily.

Cars, boats and RV’s can also be stored in many facilities. They are also more economical for parking your vehicles than leasing private garages. The option of open as well as covered space is available for paring vehicles.

Security Arrangements

Security is a top concern for people before opting for a storage facility. Many facilities provide adequate securities with state-of-the-art systems. Electronic gates with keypad coding ensure authorised access. Some facilities also have biometric identification through finger print identification providing an even higher level of security.

24×7 surveillance is a norm with most good self-storage facilities. All the movements inside the premises as well s those inside the warehouses with the storage units are monitored strictly.

They also have facilities like the latest door alarms, fire detectors, smoke detectors and even water sprinklers. Storage facilities try to provide services worth every cent spent on them; they understand the value of our belongings and keep them just as secured as you want them to be.

Storage for your Life is a convenient and secured self-storage system for your house and business based in various locations across Canada. They cater to storage needs of all kinds and keep your possessions safe with camera surveillance, keypad coded entry and exit, a personal lock-in option for additional privacy, security patrols, eco friendly lights and a lot more.