How to Take Your Legal Career Further


If you have recently graduated with a law degree, you may be wondering which is the best course of action when it comes to taking your career to the next level. In the field of law, there are multiple opportunities for furthering your career, whether you’re looking to climb as far up the career ladder as you can or branch out into a specific area of law. If you’re not sure which is the best route to take for you, we’ve put together some ideas you might be able to work with.

Legal Career Further

Branching Out

For many recently qualified law graduates, branching out is the best option for kick-starting their careers. Going back to school to study health care law or another specialized field within the law industry is a great way to start your career with a specific niche in mind. When it comes to master’s programs after graduating from law school, there is definitely no shortage of options to choose from. Getting into health care law school, family law, business law, or even criminal law can open the door to your career and land you a lucrative position in the law industry.


Get Experience

When it comes to furthering your career in law, experience is absolutely vital. Most law firms are looking for candidates who have already got some experience in law and can demonstrate this easily. Getting experience in the law field could include working at a lower level in a law firm, such as an assistant, or doing an internship whilst studying. Finding work experience at top law firms is a great way to further your career as you will be able to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge first-hand in the hopes of being offered a more senior position there in the future.

Study Abroad

Some law school graduates decide to study for a master’s degree in law abroad. This gives them the chance to learn about international legal systems and learn a new language, adding to their skillset and broadening their range of opportunities. Studying for a master’s of law abroad can be an excellent way to further your career as you will be able to practice law both at home in the USA and in the country where you studied for your master’s degree.

Contribute to Legal Research

For some law school graduates, their chosen career pathway is in research and academia. Some master’s degrees in law and various fields of law are research-based, actively encouraging and supporting students to explore new topics and fields in law and contribute to published research. If you’re considering teaching or researching law instead of practicing it, a research-focused master’s degree could open the door to a future career in academia.

If you have just graduated from law school or are planning to graduate soon, you’re probably wondering what the next step is when it comes to career progression. With so many different options to choose from in law, there are many different ways to further your career.