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Taking the Big Leap To the Big Apple

Taking the Big Leap To the Big Apple

The prospect of moving in itself can be daunting, let alone considering moving to somewhere like New York City. If you haven’t ever lived there, there is much to know before contemplating the big move. Of course, it sounds exciting, and Hollywood (interestingly) has romanticized it so that just the thought of being there is thrilling. After all, It is the hub of every culture, food, and entertainment available. How could it not be exciting? It takes common sense, money, and planning to make this big leap, but if you can get through the settling-in season, what follows may be everything you hoped it would be. Of course, ensuring you have a job waiting is the first thing you should take into consideration. The next, obviously, is housing, which is a little trickier than you may think. Finally, what should you do about your car?

Big Apple

The Job

You may think that the job opportunities would be limited with all of the people in New York City. This is not necessarily true. Because of the unemployment rate, employers are working hard to find new employees. This is especially true in some of the new companies emerging. First, take a look at all of the best startups to work for in NYC to find some amazing benefits, perks, and salaries. Additionally, check out some of the traditional occupations that still need plenty of help.

  • Hospitality in entertainment, food, hotels, and museums
  • Construction in plumbing, architects, labor, and electrical
  • Healthcare in homes, hospitals, and walk-in clinics
  • Corporate in advertising, reception, and administration

These industries are booming, and the need for competent employees is ever-growing.

The Home

You have heard of broker fees when you are trying to purchase a house. Did you know that you may pay broker fees just to rent an apartment in New York City in many cases? There are ways around the fees if you can find a private landlord or someone wanting a roommate. But be careful of fraud. Regardless, strongly consider a roommate of your own because the cost to rent is very high. Owners require renters to earn up to 50 times their rent annually. Be prepared with good credit, a good job, and probably a good roommate. Other things to consider are

  • Local shops for groceries and quality produce
  • Schools close by, if applicable
  • Subway and parking accessibility
  • Nightlife and the area at night in general around your apartment

The Car

In many towns and cities, having a car is as necessary as having a home. In New York City, it is almost more of a hassle than a luxury. Parking is a lengthy and frustrating task, as well as expensive. With all of the public transportation and so much within walking distance, it might be a better plan to ditch the car payments and interest and use that money for renting a nice apartment.

Could you do it? When you do, plan a good job. Make the exciting move to that beautiful city. Once you land that, do your research, consider giving up your car, and find a nice place to settle into so you can see, taste, and smell all that that new world has to offer.