The 5 Tips To Know about Car Key Replacements


The feeling of losing your car keys can be compared to setting your pants on fire. All it takes is one moment of negligence, and your keys are gone. Forever. You will be locked out of your car, and in the age of modern vehicles where everything is contact-less, this can be an expensive adventure.

Car Key Replacements

Modern cars are equipped with convenient keyless systems until they are in your pocket. The moment you lose them, it’s a rough ride. You cannot hop into a hardware store and get a new one made because these keys need digital signatures to work. The key must be programmed properly before you can use it again.

If the key is lost, you have two options – call the dealership and get a new key ordered. Depending on the car type, this can range anywhere from $100 to $1000. The second option is to contact an auto locksmith service. They will do the same thing as the dealership but for half the price.

If you have an old car, then it becomes a lot easier. You can contact any key maker, and they will make a replacement key for you cheaply.

Here are five tips that you should know about car key replacements-

Don’t Lose Your Key

Yes, it is advice worth millions of dollars. Don’t lose your damn keys. If you find yourself losing your keys often, you should latch those small Bluetooth modules to your keys that signal the location of the keys. This way, you can use your smartphone to find out the exact location of the key.

You can either pay $200 for the key or pay some attention. The choice is yours.

Insurance can Help

Your insurance provider can offer you policies that cover your car keys. Using a car with a 3-figure key set is a must-have. It will be cheaper to replace the key this way.

Always Have a Duplicate

A dealership will give you an additional set of keys, so keep these somewhere safe. You can also have a mechanical version of the key, which will provide you access to the car but may or may not let you drive the vehicle. If you are lucky and get the keys stuck inside the car, having a mechanical key to open the doors is a big time saver.

Use Waterproof and Shockproof Keys

Often break your programmed keys because of dirt and moisture? Or drop them a lot? Whatever the case, you can get some waterproof and shockproof car keys, especially for active drivers.

Luxury car keys are a Pain

Who would have guessed that an expensive car would have expensive key replacements? Manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes Benz have built so much technology into their keys that it can get overwhelming. Their proprietary programmed keys mean dealers will only replace them. You can contact a locksmith if the model is old but contact the dealership soon for newer models.