The Benefits of the Kangaroo Feeding Pumps


Over the past 30 years or so, Kangaroo feeding pumps have provided innovative, safe ways to deliver nutrition to patients. Always looking at improving their products, they have further updated their solutions that comes with a visual indicator and engineered controls. This stops tubing misconnections. The brand Kangaroo is known for being the best type of delivery that exceeds the need of the healthcare sector across the continuum of care.

Kangaroo Pumps Are Innovative

Kangaroo pumps are some of the most innovative solutions on the market today. They offer flush and feeding pumps that are truly programmable, they offer Salem Sump systems for suctioning, feeding, medication, and irrigating, and they were the first to create an engineered control system including visual indicators, which help to stop misconnections.


Kangaroo Pumps Are Complete

The nutritional delivery options created by Kangaroo are safe and complete and allow for small bore feeding pumps, enteral feeding sets and tubes, placement confirmation devices, large bore decompression tubes, long term PEG replacement devices, and even a pediatric feeing system.

Kangaroo Pumps Are Safe

Safety is key, and the ports for enteral feeding have been created so that they are compatible with IV connections and luer lock. This lowers the change of an accidental infusion or misconnection. They come with stepped connectors that have a larger tip, so that they can’t accidentally be connected to an IV tube, but at the same time always connecting securely with feeding tubes. Plus, they are all created in a purple color, so that a nutritional port can easily be identified.


Dehydration is a very serious problem within the world of healthcare. Even a mild dehydration can lead to very severe consequences. The Kangaroo pumps, however, have been created building on three decades of excellence in enteral feeding, which means that they help to avoid dehydration wherever possible. In fact, the pumps come with all imaginable capabilities, including flush and feed pumps that can be fully programmed, and pumps for patients who are mobile, all on a single platform.

Key Features of the Kangaroo ePump and the Kangaroo Joey

The two main Kangaroo pumps come with some fantastic features, including:

· They are the only feeding pumps of their kind, offering flushing controls together with feeding.

· They come with ‘Smart Pump Technology’, which makes sure that all sets are loaded properly and that all programming options have been entered before starting.

· They come with a 72 hour history log so that it can accurately and reliably reflect what patients have had flushed and fed.

The two main pumps that Kangaroos is famous for are the enteral feeding pump, or the Joey Pump, which is the first device that is both ambulatory and hydrating. They have also developed the ePump, which is for those who need feeding and flushing, intermittent flushing, or continuous feeding. Kangaroo truly is the brand to go to for healthcare professionals who only want the best for their patients, which is every healthcare professional.