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The Best of Web Design: The Best HTML Theme Resources

The Best of Web Design: The Best HTML Theme Resources

An HTML theme can give your website an organized and creative design without using a Content Management System (CMS.) Just about any website or design project can be built using simple HTML and CSS. There are several advantages to using HTML themes for your website, including server and device compatibility, ease of customization, and a decrease in potential security vulnerabilities compared to sites using a CMS. Check out these amazing HTML theme resources to find the perfect theme for your site or blog.

Theme Resources
1. Creative Market

Creative Market is a web store for HTML themes and other HTML and CSS resources. They offer free themes, as well as premium themes starting at $5. This theme resource also offers templates, fonts, and add-ons to match their theme selection, creating a one-stop-shop for your entire website’s needs. Browse through the web elements, textures, and icon sets on the Creative Market before building your website to ensure you end up with a coherent overall design.

2. Themeforest

This is a great resource for HTML5 and CSS3 web themes. Themeforest offers thousands of themes ranging from free to $30 each. Themeforest organizes its themes by website type or category, so finding a theme to compliment your site’s niche is easy. This theme resource also allows you to sort themes by Bootstrap and AngularJS compatibility, so you can quickly find a theme to make the most of advanced web hosting plans.


3. W3 Schools

W3 Schools has HTML and CSS themes, objects, controls, and other web elements to give your site cutting-edge features. All of the HTML themes found on this website are free to use and modify. It’s a great resource for learning how to install and edit themes, as well. -They are known as the largest web developer resource on the web.


This site hosts a stockpile of creative HTML5 themes and templates for your website. All of the themes found on this site are fully responsive. They are also all free of charge under open-source licensing. Each of their dozens of features themes has over 100,000 downloads, so you can feel confident they’ve had plenty of field testing. The themes are easy to customize in any HTML editor, so it’s simple to give your website a personal touch. It may be of value to take a course on HTML5 for beginners to know the best way to manage and manipulate any theme.

5. Free CSS

This web resource’s straightforward name is a good reflection of its no-frills, easy to download, and use HTML and CSS themes. They have over 2500 well-organized HTML themes, so there’s no end to the possibilities for your site’s final design. Many of the themes found on Free CSS are responsive, and they have a variety of column and layout options.

6. Template Monster

Template Monster is a well-known resource for some of the web’s best HTML themes. All of their HTML themes are W3C valid and built on Bootstrap and other solid frameworks. This is the place to go for professional, high-quality HTML web themes. Unlike some other HTML theme providers, Template Monster offers 24/7 tech support. Pair that with a web hosting company with 24/7 support, and you’ll be able to tend to your site day or night.

7. Tooplate

The top plate offers free and premium HTML themes for modern websites and blogs. Some of their advanced themes include over 150 pages, ready to install and customize for your website. Top plate hosts grid-style, blog-style and classic business themes for a variety of website environments.

8. Freebies Bug

If you’ve caught the ‘freebies bug,’ then you’ll appreciate the selection of totally free themes found on this web resource. Freebies Bug offers over 2000 free HTML themes with a wide selection of theme elements to match. They have PSD themes, sketches, and plugins to go along with a nice assortment of well-designed HTML5 themes.

9. ThemeLock

ThemeLock is a searchable inventory of HTML5 and CSS3 themes for any website. They have advanced theme features like content blocks, interchangeable layouts, and support documentation. The themes on ThemeLock often take advantage of reusable elements, making your job as a designer or web administrator easier.

10. Codester

Codester is a large web store with hundreds of HTML themes. They have Bootstrap-based themes, One Page themes, and templates optimized for blogs and specialty websites. The themes found on Codester are designed to work well with plugins also offered by the company. Codester has themes and layouts for specific sections of your site, including error pages, ‘under construction pages, and even administration panels. HTML themes can give your website a quick-loading and simple-to-use functionality without sacrificing design. Some of the best-designed web themes can be found in these hand-selected HTML theme resources. HTML themes work with nearly any web hosting and have the ability to give your site an artisan, visually appealing design. Download and install an HTML theme today and skip the hassle of using and updating a CMS-based website.