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The Top 3 Benefits of Buying an Armored Car

The Top 3 Benefits of Buying an Armored Car

High-end armored vehicles are not for everyone. An ordinary person neither needs an armored car nor can afford it. But for those who can afford it, buying an armored car can be a good investment. If you’re a businessman, top-level government official, a famous personality, or need security for any reason, an armored car is for you.

 Armored Car

These days, incidents of carjacking, terrorist attacks, mob attacks, car crashes, and assassinations have become widespread. Besides these threats, there is always a fear of natural catastrophes like earthquakes and wind storms. So, how can you make sure that you, your family, and your valuables are safe on the road?

Anyone who wants to evade premeditated dangers or unplanned catastrophes should invest in a bulletproof armored vehicle. These cars are designed with padded doors and shatter-proof glass to keep the passengers safe. Armored vehicles have become a common sight in metropolitan areas because of the increased crime rate. Unlike rural areas, you never know if you are the next victim of a crime in cities. So, personal protection has become important for everyone.

An early example of the armored car is Theodore Roosevelt’s limo nicknamed the Sunshine. This presidential car was designed with a bomb-proof undercarriage and a bulletproof windshield. Today, such vehicles are used by almost every president, high-level politician, and celebrity. Even if you’re not a politician or royalty, here are the top 3 benefits you can expect from buying an armored vehicle.

1. Complete Protection

As compared to their standard counterparts, armored cars are bulletproof to keep passengers safe. No bullet can touch you, and even a bomb blast can’t harm you. These vehicles also provide safety in the event of car accidents. You don’t need to use this car for yourself. If your business needs to escort celebrities or other high-profile guests, you’ll need an armored car to offer them protection. You may also need an armored truck if you regularly need to move money or other valuables by road.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Attention

Early versions of armored cars used to look quite different. When these vehicles were on the road, it was obvious that a celebrity is traveling in the car. This created a problem because such cars used to catch unwanted attention. But this is no more an issue. The latest armored cars look the same as their standard counterparts. Bulletproof cars have the same features to protect the drivers and passengers while remaining totally disguised.

3. Freedom to Customize

Every person has unique safety needs. The top armor vehicle manufacturers can help clients customize a car of their choice, make, and model. In addition to bulletproof bullets and glass, you can add advanced security features like the ability to run on flat tires, GPS technology, powerful engines, and more. The doors and windows of these cars instantly close, rendering it impossible to enter from the outside. There’s also an option to clear road blockage without stepping out of the car. These superior safety features help in preventing loss of life and valuables in the worst-case scenario.

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