Tips for Cooking on Fire like a Pro


When it comes to cooking, there are a variety of ways and methods to use to create delicious food – each method of cooking brings out different flavours, so if you want a specific taste, you must follow a specific method. A popular way of cooking food is cooking it right on the fire, rather than using a pan or kitchen utensil. Cooking food right on the fire will help bring out different flavours and scents of the food and will provide your food with a new aroma – making it interesting and different from standard food prepared in the kitchen. Using pure fire to cook your food will also be an entertaining form of cooking and can be used to delight your dinner guests.

To make the perfect dish, one must need the ideal type of fire. This means that the hardwood must be dry and seasoned, so that your timber turns to hot burning coals – if you use wet wood, very little heat is generated, and this can blacken the food without properly cooking it. It’s important to construct the fire well, so you have a roaring fire that will adequately cook your food without burning it in the process.
Keep in mind that the type of wood you use will affect the flavour of the food you make. If you use wet wood, a large amount of steam will be generated, so your food will be steamed, rather than grilled. Since there is a large amount of steam, your food will not have a grilled crust, but will be steamed till it is cooked. However, if you use dry wood, then more heat is generated, resulting in your food getting grilled to perfection.
When cooking food, take a look at your grill and figure out where the most heat is generated. This is because the wind can move the flames and can affect where the heat travels on the grill. Therefore, try not to grill your food on a windy day – the distribution of heat becomes very uneven. When working with fire, temperatures of the grill can reach to 550 degrees Celsius; this amount of heat is required to sear the food, but it’s important to move the food around on the grill, so the food gets evenly cooked.
Make sure to use a little bit of oil, because excessive amounts of oil can lead to very black meat. Thus, when using oil, make sure the oil doesn’t drip into the fire, ruining the flames and negatively affecting the food.

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