Tips to Buy Used Cars without getting screwed


Car buying is an exciting process, but at the same time, it can be a tedious job. Whether you are buying a new or used car, you ought to be very cautious in buying the vehicle. The market is diversified with a variety of options for buying used cars that end you getting screwed up or paying more.

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To ease your efforts in buying a used car, we have come up with the following tips that will help you in buying a used car without getting screwed.

  1. Know your Budgetary Requirements:

Before you rush to the nearest dealer to buy a used car, you ought to know your monetary requirements. Setting a budget clarifies your demand for used cars. Learning about the budget defines the amount you are actually ready to spend on the purchase. Hence, it is advisable to keenly enquire the total cost of the purchase at it significantly helps in determining the amount you will be required to pay in monthly installments.

  1. Shop Around the Car Dealerships:

Instead of finalizing the deal with the first dealer you meet, always research on some of the used car dealers near you. Look for used car dealers both online and offline. This will help you in saving time consulting various dealers and describing your demands over again. Furthermore, effective search helps you in negotiating the prices in future.

  1. Get the Car Inspected by Certified Mechanic:

Once you have shortlisted few dealers, you can request the dealers to get the car inspected. It is always better to get a used car inspected by a certified technician. Third party inspection of the car reveals the defects and problems with the automobile if any, that would have otherwise remained hidden. In case the used car dealer refuses to get the vehicle inspected then surely it is time you should get alert of the red flag dealerships.

  1. Negotiate the Prices:

Even if the dealer offers you a discount, still you should negotiate the price. Knowing the different prices offered by various dealers helps you to negotiate the prices. Dealers will definitely claim their prices to be competitive, it is you who has to decide whether they are offering quality cars at marketable prices or not.

  1. Inspect the Dealer:

Though proper screening of the used car is essential before buying it, yet inspecting the reputation of the dealer is equally important. Look for the dealership license and required certifications of the dealer and wherever possible ask for references. Carrying out background inspection of the dealer or owner of the used car helps in determining the credibility and reliability of the dealers. Furthermore, it saves you from possible used car frauds and scams.

  1. Be Willing to Walk Away:

If you happen to meet a dealer who leaves no stone unturned in confusing you or distracting you from your choices, then don’t think much and walk away. Walking away from the deal lessens the ability of the dealers to influence you in non-verbal ways. Be prepared beforehand and don’t let your emotions get over you, even if it is the car you always intended to buy.