Top 10 Designers on Instagram that are Key to Follow


Up-and-coming web designers who want to improve their skills could get some inspiration from certain experts on Instagram. We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of authorities on the subject matters of web development, web hosting, and graphics below. These web designers regularly impart new ideas, build scripts, and share tutorials through their respective accounts. Follow them to double up your skills, reach a wider audience, add more to your portfolio, and impress many clients with your newfound knowledge. They can change the way you design today.


1. Chris Coyier

Chris is an HTML and CSS expert who has gained popularity because of his ShopTalk podcast. He regularly shares tutorials on his blog and Instagram account. His goal is to help fellow designers improve their skills by sharing all the things he knows. He is currently associated with CodePen. If you need to learn CSS tricks, he is your go-to guy. Follow him on Instagram through @chriscoyier and open a new world of possibilities for you.

2. Jeffry Zeldman

Jeffry is the famed author of “Designing the Web Standards” and Happy Cog Studios’s founder. His prized customers include MTV and Stanford University. His Instagram account has over 7,000 followers to date, most of which are web design enthusiasts. He also keeps an online journal called “A List Apart.” To be one of Jeffry’s thousands of followers on Instagram, follow @zeldman. Find out what other designers learn from him every day.


3. Andy Clarke

Another famed web designer, Andy, is the book’s author entitled “Hardboiled Web Design.” He tackled responsive web design and progressive enhancement in that book. He is also an art director who is always invited to speak at conferences. He also runs a podcast that he calls @unfinishedbiz. Learn more from this expert by following his Instagram account, @allthatmalarkey.

4. Andreas M. Hansen

Andreas is a sought-after web designer who has lived, traveled, and worked around the world. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, his expertise includes art direction, calligraphy, and brand identity creation. Follow him through his Instagram account, @andreasmhansen. Join him and get nuggets of wisdom regularly.

5. Sarah Parmenter

Sarah is a famed user interface designer. Aside from designing for the web, she also makes sites and apps for mobile devices, particularly the iPhone and iPad. She is constantly invited to speak at web design conferences all over the world. Aside from her regular speaking gigs, you may also catch her through her podcast entitled “Happy Monday.” Her equally famous clients include Blackberry, News International, STV, and America’s National Breast Cancer Foundation. Follow Sarah on Instagram through her handle, @sazzy. She has over 11k followers to date.

6. Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly, another well-known figure in the web design world, is the editor-in-chief of the web design blog called “Smashing Magazine.” His magazine serves as the modern manual of web design. He has built his blog to serve as the ultimate resource for aspiring and seasoned web designers. He also invites other gurus to share their expertise in the magazine. Smashing Magazine is available in both print and online versions. Smashing Magazine also sponsors workshops and conferences designed to boost novice and expert web designers’ skills. To follow Vitaly, check out the Instagram account @smashingmagazine.

7. Karen McGrane

Karen is a user interface expert and content strategist. She has over 15 years of experience in building complicated websites from scratch. She is the brain behind the book entitled “Content Strategy for Mobile.” She is also a managing partner of Bond Art + Science. This expert takes website design and coding to a higher level. She thinks of her job as a way to make the web awesome each day. Her work is always guided by her understanding of human behavior and her strong decision-making skills. Follow Karen on Instagram and be inspired by her work. Her handle is @karen.mcgrane.

8. Veerle Pieters

Veerle is a web and graphic designer from Belgium. Her finest work is exhibited at her blog at She also shares most of her skills on the said blog, which is why it is one of the most comprehensive resources for web designers on the Internet today. She also co-founded the design agency Duo! If you follow her Instagram account today, you will also know about her bicycle adventures around Belgium. Join her via @veerlepieters. Her many adventures will take you to exciting places in your career and other aspects.

9. Rachel Andrew

Rachel is just one of the many females who has excelled in the field of web design. Aside from being an accomplished web developer, she is also a seasoned author and speaker. Her published work can be found on Apress and SitePoint. She also wrote “Five Simple Steps,” which focuses on PHP web development, CSS3 layout modules, and Adobe Dreamweaver. Rachel is currently the managing editor of, which is focused on the Perch CMS app. She offers web development consulting services as well. Follow her through @rachelandrewuk on Instagram.

10. Cameron Moll

Cameron calls himself an amateur on Instagram, but he is undoubtedly an expert on web design. He is also an accomplished speaker and author. This great web designer also specializes in typographical poster styles. He created a series on the topic, and it has given him the big name that he currently enjoys in the industry. His portfolio includes the Authentic Jobs website. He is also a regular speaker at global web design conferences. He has collaborated with fellow famous designers Simon Collison and Andy Budd. Follow him on Instagram through @cameronmoll.

These are the ten web designers who are worth following on Instagram. If you want to learn new things, expand your knowledge, and be the authority in the field yourself, these are the experts who can feed precious knowledge to you. Each of them can share with you a lot of new and valuable nuggets of wisdom on the various topics of web hosting and design, branding, graphics, and coding.