Top 5 best Samsung phones


When we talk about smartphones, we can’t forget the influence of Samsung in the smartphone market. Samsung has already made a great impact on the market. Since Android was introduced, Samsung has secured first place in the top-selling category. In recent years, we have already noticed that Samsung has established its fame in the market. The Samsung Galaxy series is one of the most likable smartphone series in the market. So, in this article, we will talk about some fantastic Samsung phones. So here are some Samsung phones.

Samsung phones

Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released in August 2015. Its sleek design gives it an attractive look. Its 5.7-inch screen is your large display. It is quite good for those people who like watching movies on their phones. forIt has 4GB RAM in it, and with a 16MP camera, you can get remarkable picture quality on your phone. 3000mAh battery gives you such a large talk time DBA Press. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for Rs.47 900 only.


Samsung Galaxy S6

This fantastic phone was released in April 2015. This phone is available at an affordable cost of Rs.36 900 only. 32 GB internal storage of this phone will make you forget about any SD card. This phone provides an easy interface. It has a 5.1-inch display. It also works on the latest Android version (Lollipop). It has 3 GB RAM, which is enough to run many apps. The secondary camera of this phone is 5 MP. This phone brings you lots of pre-installed apps.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is available at Rs.41 426 only. This phone was also launched in April 2015. This phone is like a cousin to Samsung Galaxy S6. It also has a large display of 5.1 inches. With a 16MP camera, you can click lots of high-definition pictures. 3 GB RAM is quite enough to use heavy apps. It has a 5.0.2 Android version but can be upgraded to the 5.1.1 version.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is quite expensive, but its features are worth this cost. Its market cost is about Rs.53 900. It isn’t easy to spend this cost on a middle-class man, but if someone wants a trustworthy company and amazing features, he should pay such a cost. Its 5.7-inch screen size will amaze you. 4G RAM and 32GB internal memory will keep you away from memory issues. It comes with the latest Android operating system Lo,llipop 5.1.1. A 1.5 GHz processor powers it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will take only Rs.35 500 only. You have to spend a little money on a 5.7-inch screen. To run many applications, this phone will give you 3GB RAM, and storing them will bring you 32GB of internal space. It has a 16MP camera in it to click pictures. It has lots of sensors in it that will amaze your experience. Its screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.