Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Tips for a Healthy Body


Loving your body is the key to increasing one’s confidence. To achieve the body of your dreams, you will have to show an immense amount of determination and self-control. The self-confidence gained by being an owner of a fit and healthy body is unmatched. And one way to gain that body is through intermittent fasting. It is an activity that challenges your control and determination levels.

Healthy Body

Intermittent fasting is not rocket science. It is some simple science that requires no monetary investment, and all it takes is the firmness of your self-control. It is a pattern of eating which involves specific periods of eating and fasting. Simply put, it is about when you should eat something. It puts conditions on when something can be eaten and when you can’t. Here are 5 intermittent fasting tips that will help you achieve your weight loss goals-

Take it Slow

Many people mistake jumping into the fasting scene with full force armored with little to no research. This is one way to screw up your body and the final results. Like any other activity, you take up, start with gradual change and take the steps steadily and slowly.

Start small and slow. , You cannot and should not jump right into it. Learn about the essentials first and keep it short and sweet. If you dig around, you will find intermittent fasting routines where the fasting duration is more than 20 hours.

Skip Breakfast

In the beginning, it is easy to experiment and see what fits best on you. The first thing you can do is eliminate the breakfast. Yes, you have heard breakfast is the most important meal and that’s absolutely correct. But that is true if you already have a semi-decent body and trying to stronger muscles.

Many intermittent fasting experts suggest having your food in the period between noon and 6 pm. This way, you keep the fasting limited to the non-energy demanding parts of the day.

Shift Your Focus on Food

You can’t eat if you don’t have time to eat. Engage yourself in work, and this will help to calm down the food cravings. You are more likely to feel hungry if you are sitting idle. If you are in a job, devote yourself to it, making your fasting efforts successful.

No Sugar During the Fasting Period

When fasting, you will have to avoid sugar at all costs. So no coffee with sugar, no drinks – just plain old regular water. Drink plenty of it and keep your fluid levels topped up. Having water in your stomach makes you feel full, helping in fasting.

Fit it with Your Schedule

This is no secret. For any activity like body-building, fat-loss, intermittent fasting, or dieting, you will have to make sure it fits your schedule right. If it starts to interfere with your daily schedule, there are more chances that you will leave it midway because of frustration. So choose a fasting plan that sits comfortably with your daily activities so that you cannot make any excuses for not following it.