Top 5 Phones with Fingerprint Scanner


In a last few years, Smartphone have developed a lot. With the manufacturing of numerous Smartphones its cost is going down as well as the features are boosting up. All Smartphones have speedy processor, better display, higher resolution camera and premium features and one of a new feature is fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanner is available in Smartphone for the security purpose and now this feature is available in mid-range Smartphone as well. There are plenty of Smartphones are available who possess this feature. Top 5 phones with fingerprints scanner are:

  1. Coolpad Note 3: It is one of a great Smartphone that comes with a feature of fingerprint scanner and within a budget. It’s priced at Rs.8, 999 only. Moreover, the features of Coolpad Note 3 is excellent, it comes with MediaTek 64 bit octa core processor, 3 GB RAM and 5.5 inch HD display. This amazing Smartphone is exclusively available at Amazon, so one can buy a phone with fingerprint scanner in a very less price.
  2. OnePlus 2: OnePlus become too popular among the people in very less time. Everyone is familiar with the products of OnePlus. Currently, OnePlus 2 have become heavily popular and its price is Rs.24, 999. It has lots of improvement than the previous one. It has faster processor, fingerprint scanner, higher resolution camera and much more. One can easily buy this phone via Amazon.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S5: Each and every person knows about the Samsung brand and the phones of Smartphone are just out of a box and mostly people prefer to buy Smartphone or phone of Samsung only. When it was launched its price was Rs.55, 000 but now its price cuts down and priced at Rs.21, 999. It has fingerprint scanner which is integrated in the home button, which is an attractive feature of this phone as well as it has certification for dust and water resistance. This phone has top notch and speedy hardware with good camera and features. It is a great Smartphone for the buyers who look for the high-end Smartphone.
  4. Sony Xperia Z5: Phones of Sony are delivering first-class service; it has a fast Snapdragon 810 chipset with 23 MP Exmor RS camera. Most importantly, it has ergonomic fingerprint scanner in side power key as well as it is waterproof. It has 2 days battery life.
  5. HTC One M9+: The phones of HTC are highly in demand because of its long term service. HTC One M9+ has everything that HTC One M9 wasn’t: it has MediaTek Helio X10 octa core processor, 5.2 inch Quad HD display with fingerprint scanner for the security purpose. One M9+ is stylish and a well designed device, if one is looking for the premium design with a feature of fingerprint scanner, then it could be a choice, rest it depends on the user’s choice and requirement.

Final Say

These are the top 5 phones with fingerprint scanner. These phones have all the features and come under a budget. So, if one is looking for a Smartphone which has fingerprint scanner then these 5 Smartphones might be a best choice.