Top 50 Music Quotations


Discover the exceptional complexity of music and mirror the way it may positively affect your existence with this sound series of riveting charges.


“Music, the greatest proper that mortals recognize, And all of heaven we’ve got underneath.” — Joseph Addison “Music was my haven. I ought to move slowly into the distance between the notes and curl my lower back to loneliness.” –Maya Angelou Music is both accurate or awful, and it is were given to be discovered. You were given to have balance.” — Louis Armstrong “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Berthold Auerbach “The aim and very last cease of all music have to be none apart from the honor of God and the refreshment of the soul.” –Johann Sebastian Bach “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual existence.” — Ludwig van Beethoven

Music “Music – The one incorporeal entrance into the better global of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot recognize.” — Ludwig van Beethoven “Music can exchange the arena. ” — Ludwig Van Beethoven “Music can call the unnameable and talk the unknowable.” — Leonard Bernstein “Music has to breathe and sweat. You ought to play it. Stay. ” — James Brown “Music is properly stated to be the speech of angels.” — Thomas Carlyle “All song comes from God.” — Johnny Cash “If you examine tune, you may learn most all there is to realize. ” — Edgar Cayce “Music is not anything break free me. It is me… You’d need to eliminate the music surgically. ” — Ray Charles “Good tune is ideal no matter what form of music it’s far. ” — Miles Davis “There is no feeling, besides the extremes of worry and grief, that doesn’t locate comfort in music.” — George Eliot “You are the track while the song lasts.” –T. S. Eliot


“We need magic, and bliss, and energy, fantasy, and party and religion in our lives, and a song is a great manner to encapsulate a whole lot of it. ” — Jerry Garcia “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the name of the game of existence bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — Kahlil Gibran “When human beings hear suitable music, it makes them homesick for something they in no way had and in no way could have.” — Edgar Watson Howe “Music expresses that which cannot be stated and on which it’s miles impossible to be silent.” — Victor Hugo “The records of human beings is observed in its songs.” — George Jellinek
“Music is the vernacular of the human soul.” — Geoffrey Latham “It calls for awareness to apprehend wisdom; the song is nothing if the target audience is deaf.” — Walter J. Lippmann
“Just as positive choices of tune will nourish your physical frame and your emotional layer so that other musical works will convey greater health on your thoughts.” — Hal A. Linderman “Music is the harmonious voice of advent; an echo of the invisible international.” — Giuseppe Mazzini
“Music is a beautiful opiate, in case you do not take it too significantly.” — Henry Miller
“I began making the song because I ought to.” — Alanis Morissette

“Music allows you to find the truths you must carry into the rest of your life. ” — Alanis Morissette “Music is nonsecular. The track enterprise isn’t always. ” — Van Morrison
“Like the entirety else in nature, a tune is a turning into, and it becomes its complete self, while it sounds, and the wise guy uses legal guidelines for the production of Concord, and so made the car of emotion and concept.” — Theodore Mungers “Without a track, existence would be a mistake.” — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche “In tune the passions experience themselves.” — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche “Music is your own revel in, your personal mind, your wisdom. If you do not stay it, it won’t pop out of your horn. They teach you there is a boundary line to music. But, guy, there may be no boundary line to art.” — Charlie Parker “Music ought to be something that makes you gotta circulate, internal or outdoor. ” — Elvis Presley “It’s the tune that stored us all intact, stored us from going loopy. ” — Lou Reed “The song commercial enterprise turned into no longer safe, but it changed into FUN. It changed into like falling in love with a woman you understand is bad for you. However, you like every minute together with her, anyway.” — Lionel Richie “Music must in no way be innocent.” — Robbie Robertson “Give me a laundry listing, and I’ll set it to music.” — Gioacchino Antonio Rossini “All music is important if it comes from the coronary heart. ” — Carlos Santana “Music is the important thing to the lady coronary heart.” — Johann G. Seume “The first-class song… It is essentially there to offer you something to stand the arena with. ” — Bruce Springsteen

 Music Quotations“All I attempt to do is write the song that feels meaningful to me, that has dedication and ardor behind it.” — Bruce Springsteen “In a song, one should assume with the coronary heart and sense with the mind.” –George Szell “When I pay attention song, I worry no threat. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest instances and the brand new.” — Henry David Thoreau “For heights and depths no words can reach, the track is the soul’s own speech.” –Unknown “Most folks go to our grave with our music nonetheless inner of us.” –Unknown “I trust in the electricity of tune. To me, it isn’t only a fad. This is a high-quality issue.” — Eddie Vedder “Music at its essence is what gives us recollections. ” — Stevie Wonder “There’s a basic rule which runs via all styles of tune, type of an unwritten rule. I don’t know what it’s far. But I’ve were given it.”