Top Interlock Protection Tips for Your Home


When it comes to figuring out a new driveway, few options are as good as interlocking pavers – these pavers can be a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home. These pavers are extremely easy to install, and do not require much for their installation. However, they do require some form of maintenance if they are to be kept in the same state. Maintaining the interlocking pavers is necessary, if you want to ensure a longer lifespan for these pavers. With regular maintenance, you can make sure that your driveway will be pristine for years to come, and the interlocking pavers will be functional and useful for as long as possible. Interlocking pavers are a useful investment, if maintained well.

When it comes to maintaining interlocking pavers, the first step is to pressure wash the pavers, which will help clean out any debris and unnecessary growth from between the pavers. This is useful to do during the fall, so you can clear the debris in between the stones so that they are less vulnerable to the effects of winter. It is important to pressure wash the pavers during the spring as well, to get rid of accumulated dirt. The next step is to fill the cracks with sand, not for the pavers to sit better together, but to prevent unnecessary weed growth during the summer months.
When cleaning your walkways, try and use plastic shovels, instead of metal shovels – the metal tip will chip or cut the stones. By using a plastic shovel, you will not damage the surface of the pavers, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your driveway.
If you are in a situation where the ice or snow has built up to such an extent that you can not remove it, then one solution would be to use salt and chemical ice melting agents. However, such chemicals are dangerous because they have negative side effects on the pavers themselves, so this option should be used sparingly. Some chemicals can cause stains and chips if not used well, so this should be treated like a last resort, rather than a viable option.
When laying the stones down, make sure that the stones are flat, and that the pavers lay on a flat foundation, to prevent the pavers from shifting around. It is important to ensure that the stones are flat, because the pressure and weight of vehicles can damage the pavers if they are on an uneven foundation.

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