Why I Use Ecommerce CRM For My Online Business


I’ve been involved in ecommerce for over a decade. I can remember back when Amazon was still in its infancy. Boy were things ever so different then. Today, ecommerce is a very unforgiving industry, where your online store is often just another small number in a constantly expanding internet universe.


In order to stay ahead of the game, I’ve utilized many different tech tools over the years. Up until recently, they did enough to get me by. But few have compared to the ecommerce CRM software solutions that I currently use for my online store. Here are a couple of reasons why and how this SaaS helps me and how it can help you, too.

Merging My Sales Channels

Selling online need not be as obfuscating as you think. I have found that it’s really just a numbers game when all is said and done. Basically, the more places that you can sell, the more people that you will reach. Ultimately, more exposure equals more sales in the long run. But, of course, this also means more work on your part.

To help better manage my sales channels, ecommerce CRM lets me pull all of the customer data from each channel. This way I can organize it in one central hub that enables me to better expand the relationships I have with each customer, all so I can boost retention and improve long term loyalty.


Understanding My Customer Behavior

One could easily spend hours researching how to understand customer behavior. The truth is that every white paper you read can vary, and studies and surveys always have a strong margin of error. So how do you better predict sales trends before they happen, and what your customers will do?

For me, the CRM I am using does all the heavy-lifting. It tells me who is buying what, their demographics, shopping patterns, shipping trends and even returns percentages. I can use this information to better cull leads that I target specific newsletters and sales events to, and that I use to bolster my social online advertising.

Managing Fulfillment & Reverse Logistics

With any online store will come fulfillment and reverse logistics (returns). How you manage them, according to countless recent studies, can make the difference between stronger sales or lost customers. Naturally, we all crave stronger sales over the former. So how dos CRM help you with this?

Knowing what habits your customers have is one thing. Being able to push a button and import all of your orders for easy sorting and editing is quite another. When it’s time for me to fulfill my packages, that’s what I do. I then can easily sort and manage and edit orders to assure they are ready to send out.

Once it’s time to ship, I generate my shipping labels and fire them off to the printer. After fulfilling my packages, I press another button and update all of my sales channels and customers with their tracking numbers. As far as returns are concerned, my CRM tethers to an automated integration that lets my customers process returns from any of sales channels.

It’s for these reasons and so many more that CRM for ecommerce has helped me improve my business and reduce the legwork. Perhaps it could do the same for you too!