Review – Why Should You Choose It?


The market of web development and hosting is flooding with new and better options every day. Is that not what competition is meant for?

And this competition has a new member and the new member is . So today in this article, we will see if you can choose m or not for your first or your next website building experience.



What is

But before we move on, let’s see what is anyway.

WebsiteBuilder is as DIY tool that helps you create a professional-looking website just as per your requirements. You don’t need to have coding knowledge in order to be able to create websites using this tool. All you need to do is to be able to drag and drop elements on your website and be able to click and type.

That’s all what it takes to build a website using

It’s a pretty decent, no fuss and intelligently put DIY web builder.

And we will now have a deeper look at this tool and try to determine if you should choose it or just let it go. So let’s go ahead!

1. How easy it is to use?

Website builder is actually pretty easy to use, the labels are self explanatory and the drag-and-drop mechanism is seamless.


So for anyone who can just focus on a simple drag-and-drop interface, the editor works perfectly.



If you are an animator or graphics designer, you can also see the available z-index in the elements and hence it further elaborates the experience of a designer.

2. What all can you do with the editor? has done a lot of work in setting up strength and flexibility in their editor. The editor is a canvas editor as called technically and supports some great features.

It clearly out numbers any other website builder. The ability to customize elements and put effects or animations into them have taken the game to a whole new level. No other website builder in theworldcurrently provides you such strength and flexibility.

So there’s another big green signal as far as editor is concerned.

3. Design and templates

This is one of the greatest plus point of have a wide collection of templates and all of them are great to use.

They have divided the templates based upon categories like most of their competitors but the collection of themes and design is still too good to be ignored.


The well-designed and numerous library variations are a talk of the internet world and a clear plus of using to satisfy your web development needs.

4. Does it solvethe purpose?

The purpose of you building a website can be as simple as personal blogging or as complex as an e-commerce website. A good website builder and host will be the one that solves your purpose.

While we talk about blogging, is definitely capable of giving you a great looking and easy to edit blog.And, when going for an e-commerce website, can help you here as well.

Overall, it is a very flexible tool that can be used for almost any kind of business, making it a no-brainer to rely upon to create your website.

5. What about SEO?

It is very important to get yourself listed in search engines and rank higher on Google, so that you can get maximum eyeballs to your website.

This is where the SEO tools provided by come into play.

They currently provide you with many SEO tools and options, that can help you rank higher in search engines and improve your search engine optimization to a great extent.

6. Is pricingfine and do you get customer support?

When it comes to prices, are definitely quite reasonable as per the services they provide. Although, you can create your website completely free using their service but if you’re looking for something more powerful like a professional domain, custom email and much more, then it’s a good idea to upgrade your plan to any of the paid plans they offer currently.


They provide support via live chats and email. There is also a FAQ and tutorials section present on their website especially for the new users.

The after sales support is also provided, so if you get stuck somewhere, then somebody from their team has definitely got your back.


If you are looking for a good, easy to handle website builder for yourwebsite, then this is a sure YES.

The features that they offer currently are definitely very powerful, making it an ideal platform to build your website on.